Why hire a design agency?

Kaizen Brand Evolution was born nearly 4 years ago as its own stand-alone studio under the Kaizen moniker. It is the job of Kaizen Brand Evolution to help our clients even further. If a client wants a completely new brand, we are there to help. If a client wants a new logo, we are there. Even if all a client wants is the design for their new marketing campaign, Kaizen Brand Evolution is there to help.

Since the studio came to life, we have worked with many important brands in many different industries, such as Punchestown, Down Royal, Boojum, to name but a few. But aside from the big players, we are also there when the smaller, more independent clients need us, but they are by no means any less important. If there is a smaller local business who sees that they need that extra something to bring their brand to the top level, they know they can come to us to help them bring their ambition back to life. We want to see businesses succeed because when they do it means that we have done our jobs correctly, and there is nothing we love more than seeing happy clients, both old and new.

In that regard though, why should you think about hiring a design agency? What can they do for you that perhaps you couldn’t do yourself? The answer more often than not is quite a lot, and today we are going to look at a few of those reasons, to help make your decision a little bit easier.


Firstly, let’s assume that you are in two minds about hiring a design agency and maybe have a few in mind. You’ve got them side by side, with advantages for both. But I would ask you to stop with the general outlook and focus in on one thing about them all; their Portfolio. The size of an agencies portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best out there, as it may be a case that they are taking all of the jobs that they can find, even if they aren’t the best to work on and don’t benefit them. The agency that you want to hire, will be the one with the big names attached to their portfolio. They will be the ones that haven’t done the reaching out but have been approached to take on these jobs. And if their portfolio is big, that’s even better as it means they have been approached by many of the top, top companies. Looking at the portfolios will give you a sense of what exactly it is you are getting and should make your decision easier on who to go with.

A Team of Creatives:

Freelance or agency? Part of the allure of going with a freelancer comes from them usually being cheaper. However, think of the reason that they are cheaper; there is only one person working on your project. This isn’t going to be great if you are in need of a full rebrand, as a lot of work goes into this and as such, they may not be able to cope with the workload. However, if you decide to hire a full agency, you are guaranteed to get a team of at least 3 if not 4 designers working on your project at the beginning. This is exactly what happens here at Kaizen Brand Evolution. When we receive a new job from a client a brief is passed to 3 or 4 designers to each give their own take on it. From there, each of these designers creates presentations that are presented to you the client, meaning you could have 3 or 4 different looking brands to choose from, instead of one brand from one person, which you may not like, setting the project back a few weeks. What is also advantageous about this, is that you may have the option to combine different aspects of each designers concept, meaning you not only get the brand you wanted but the brand you need.

Help from Beginning to End:

When you are starting out with your next project, you may only be thinking about a few things, a few immediate things to get you started, for example, logo design, website design and marketing material. However, as the project progresses and comes to its final stages, there may be more than you now realise you would like done as well, such as packaging design, poster design or even design for your first campaign. With an agency such as Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are more than happy to help you out there too. Bringing together everything that we have done over the course of the project and continuing on the work. We’re not happy until you are happy, and as such won’t leave you when you need our help.

If you are ever in need of design and branding work for whatever the reason consider looking at design agencies, despite them being slightly more expensive than for example a freelance designer, you know that it will be worth it in the long run.

If you are in need of a design agency to help you with your next project, whether that is branding, web design, rebranding or a brand audit please do not hesitate to give us a call on 028 9507 2007 or by email via our contact form, and we can set up a meeting to discuss what Kaizen Brand Evolution can do for your brand.