Logos – What makes a logo work?

A Logo is Simplicity, Flexibility and Attraction. If you want to say something about the business you want to keep it simple as not to alienate or worse make someone feel stupid. You need a logo to be flexible and be able to be placed anywhere, it also needs to be attractive or eye-catching.

Simplicity – Simplicity in a logo can often be mistaken for being ‘easy’ or ‘obvious,’ however, simplicity in a logo helps customers understand it quicker, to buy into an idea, product, service or charity without having to research the business. If a logo is kept simple it has the potential to have the most authority or power over abstract or noisy logo’s that looks cool to a 5-year-old. Simple logos are also by far the most flexible and attractive. Not to mention the most successful and world-renowned businesses all use a simplistic logo, Think Apple, Shell, Volkswagen – these guys can’t be wrong – simplicity in their logo is key to their reputation and brand. Each of these businesses logos adopts the simplistic approach to logo design making it easy to spot and memorable. One key feature of a simple logo design is that you do not have to keep getting it re-done or rethought, it should stand the test of time. A great quote from Massimo Vignelli was that ‘If you do it right, it will last forever.’

Flexibility –

A good logo can work anywhere, be legible across all mediums and be recognised in almost any situation. In today’s ever-changing communications climate with the rise of digital media we are forced to view logos as small as fingernails on our smart devices and as quickly as possible in sponsored adds. Imagine trying to decipher a complex, inflexible logo on a 6-second ad on YouTube, it would be almost impossible. Gone are the days of a one trick pony logo, a logo should do all the tricks, everywhere. Too many times you see a logo in an ad or on television that simply gives you the ick, this is down to its flexibility, perhaps originally the logo was made 30 years ago and there was never a hope that the company would be advertising on TV, well now they are and the logo looks weird in animation. A well-prepared and designed logo, by an experienced branding team, can create a timeless logo mark that will prepare you for almost any eventuality.

Attraction –

A good logo is always attractive. Attraction sets in most of the time subconsciously, which is the golden goose for a logo designer. If we can convince a non-designer to choose a product or service over others simply from the logo itself then we have done our job correctly. Imagine the amount of well-known sports brands that rely so heavily upon their logo or mark, using it and nothing else on t-shirts, shoes, even football kits, the logo mark on a football jersey almost establishes them more, or even helps create more trust towards a team that bears the mark of a global giant such as Nike or Adidas.

A good logo consists of many traits and attributes and the most successful logos depict an idea, an ambition of your company that can be read and understood the world over. Creating a good logo, that’s our job at Kaizen Brand Evolution. Get in touch to talk about creating the simplest, most flexible and attractive logo for you: studio@kaizenbrandevolution.com, give us a call on +44 (0)28 9507 2007  or get us via our contact form