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The Westville Hotel is a longstanding boutique hotel situated in the heart of Enniskillen. For many years the Westville has grown in popularity for its diverse range of high spec rooms, service and entertainment, not to mention food outlets across the town. With success comes change and the owners at the Westville realised that now was the time to re-state exactly who the Westville are and what it means to stay there. So they approached Kaizen about doing a new Brand Identity for them.

In their own words:

A Superbly Stylish Boutique Hotel in Fermanagh

Perfectly located in the heart of Enniskillen’s waterside historic quarter, The Westville Hotel is a sophisticated, yet understated, boutique destination – offering everything to the contemporary, discerning guest, including a Terrace restaurant, beautifully spacious and comfortable rooms, a stylish WV Bar matched with the warmest, welcoming service.

A great focus for the Hotel was to attract the Instagram generation, making the boutique experience much more in tune with key experiences across Enniskillen all the while having a hotel where you want to stay in, eat drink and Instagram! This brief for the designers was a dream for some of our keen city breakers and self -proclaimed hipsters within the studio. This was an opportunity to create a really ‘cool’ and unique brand identity for the type of people that, well… we are. Adventure seekers, young professionals with a genuine passion for where they stay and what they do at the weekend, interested in their surroundings, food, drink and experiences.


First-off we re-stated exactly what it was the Westville offered. Through language we we’re able to set the scene on how the brand identity would develop throughout the hotel’s communications. We introduced the line ‘Stay and Explore’ as the overall purpose of the Westville. This strapline opened up a world of visuals both for the hotel and Enniskillen with a lovely link to the tourism opportunity for the area surrounding the Westville, from the caves to the lakes we’ve got this covered.


The brand identity takes its form from a classic but very modern type family ‘Condor’. With a series of customisations, cuts, raises, kerning and craft in the type we created the unique word mark for the Westville. The type is a natural evolution from their previous logo but completely simplifies the identity for 2020 and beyond, making it a lot more flexible and removing a lot of the previous symbols, stars and even the word ‘hotel’ was removed with the aim of producing a modernised version of the mark. As well as the language we really wanted to introduce a symbol that reflected the strapline and purpose – hence the ‘Westville wave’ was introduced. A simple glyph, taken and customised which sits beautifully above the W. The wave is reflective of the lakes, the water and the fact that Enniskillen is in fact an island locked in by water. This opportunity to tell this story was a no-brainer for the design and roll out of the brand. The wave is utilised as a pattern system throughout the interior, brand assets and marketing as you will see. This symbol also made way for 3 beautifully drawn badges that feature across the brand, all three highlighting the Stay and Explore message. 

Art Direction

Art direction for the Westville was as important as the new brand mark. We introduced a stylised, hipster photography direction and colour palette which pair beautifully with the mark and bring an air of freshness to the brand which is reflected in the interior and brand accents across the hotel. We provided concept across the entire hotel offering, from website to door hangers, bottled water and towels, this project has been a real passion project for the studio and we love to continue to work on the brand as it develops, rolls out and evolves. We love seeing brands we work on out in the wild and cannot recommend enough paying the newly branded Westville.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we understand the difficulties that brands face in evolving their brand and in keeping it fresh. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer you can visit our brand identity page. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9507 2007

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