Web Design for Boojum, Belfast, Dublin and Galway

Ireland’s premier burrito bar and Mexican fast food restaurant Boojum, are firm favourites in the KBE studio. Friday is most definitely a Boojum day, as is Monday and a regular late night. We’re fully fledged #boojumaddicts and proud. When the team behind Boojum engaged us to redevelop their online portal, this was one project we were happy to sink our teeth into.

Puns aside, Boojum operate across the Island of Ireland, north and south. The brand appeals to such a diverse demographic that we hand to be mindful of this while retaining the charm and character of the brand, that has been crafted over the last 10 years.

Attention was also paid to the usability of the website both behind desks and on the move. We ensured the site was fully responsive to enable flawless delivery on the move. Web traffic and user experience has increased greatly within the first few months of the launch.