Vandal opening night

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see a brand created in the Kaizen Brand Evolution go live. Working with the management at White’s Tavern we designed the brand identity for Vandal.

On Friday night the Kaizen Brand Evolution team had the pleasure of being invited to Belfast hottest new bar/eatery. Vandal is located on the first floor of White’s Tavern and boasts a brand new type of crowd that you wouldn’t usually associate with the lovely, traditional surroundings of White’s Tavern. Vandal taps into the glory years with a cool twist – 90’s throwback design echoed through the branding, interior and whole experience really. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. You immediately associate with the Vandal brand, it transports back to a time when mortgage payments and car insurance meant nothing and all you cared about was your high score in Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Great alcoholic shakes and deep-dish pizza making the experience a full circle success. We can’t wait to go back.