Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo Design

The release of the new logo for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 sparked the interest of the Kaizen Brand evolution studio and here’s some thoughts on the mark itself. The logo comprises four geometric shapes forming a T, L, R and the red circle, referencing the Japan’s rising sun – which features on the countries flag. The design comes from Kenjiro Sano, whose portfolio is filled with local packaging and product design. The animation on the launch of the logo revealed a lot of it’s personality and really brought it to life. When all aspects of the logo where revealed it really came to life and instilled my confidence in it’s future. Personally I enjoy how the squares and circles come together in the mark and it’s a refreshing identity from recent London 2012 and Rio’s hand drawn 2016 logo. The only quibble I have is the typography used to sit underneath the mark, it feels disjointed from the modern geometric shapes and perhaps a san serif would have been a better match.