The importance of good packaging design

No matter how good your product is, first off you need to convince consumers to buy into what you are offering – Thats where packaging design comes in.

While quality is of course vital to a product’s success (or failure) it is a mistake to consider this the be all and end all. Typically consumers will choose products on the basis of a combination of the following factors;

  • They have purchased the product before
  • They have purchased similar products before
  • They have purchased a product by the same brand before
  • It has been recommended by a friend
  • They have seen it in an advertisement
  • It is on offer (as part of a broader sale or otherwise)

A key factor will be packaging design. Good packaging design can mean the difference between your product flying off the shelves and being ignored. So why is good packaging design so important?

Packaging Design tells your customers what your product does

One of the primary functions of your packaging is to tell the world what your product actually does. This might be self-evident in many cases, but this is not always the case. Beyond this you’ll want to ensure that your packaging covers off all of the necessary detail. You may wish to know the ingredients or calories that go into a cake for example, or the finish on a tin of paint. Whatever it is that customers may want to know in more detail you’ll want to consider including in your packaging design. This is an extremely important consideration when designing your packaging. If you fail to answer the questions that customers may have before committing to purchase then you risk losing them.

It does your pitching for you

Great packaging can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to increasing brand awareness and sales. Think of your packaging as your silent marketing partner. Your packaging can sell what you have to offer when you are not in the room. 

It makes your product stand out from the crowd

Perhaps the most important function of packaging is to help your product stand out from the crowd. With so many products out there and so much choice, it can be difficult for consumers to make a choice one way or another. Your packaging can help to sway them in your product’s direction. When designing your packaging you’ll want to consider the following questions;

  • How does your packaging compare to similar products?
  • What makes your packaging different to these products?
  • What is the incentive to buy your product beyond the price?

By answering these questions you can go some way towards fulfilling a brief for your packaging design. 

It contributes to brand awareness

Your packaging design fits into a broader branding project. To ensure that you maximise the impact of your branding it is important that every element adds up. Consistency is key. If shoppers have come into contact with your brand before, you’ll want to ensure that they remember it at the point of purchase. The more your customers come into contact with your brand the more likely they are to remember it. This familiarity is a powerful advocate that you won’t want to miss out on. 

It acts as advertising in the homes of consumers

Packaging does not just exist on shelves in the shops or as images on your smartphone. Your packaging continues to play a role in the homes of your customers. Once your product has made it into your customer’s homes it acts as a daily reminder of why your product is so great. While we do not keep the packaging for every item we buy it is still important to consider how your packaging might be used beyond the initial purchase. 

Kaizen Brand Evolution

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