The benefits of the rebrand

One of the most powerful and effective times to re-brand is when a business sees a great change in circumstance, a takeover, a merger a new product line or direction. The benefits of rebranding now are so you have the opportunity to communicate truthfully exactly what the change means to the business and express exactly what it is and how you are going to do it differently. A re-brand can reposition a company’s reputation, re-establish a failing business, make relevant what was a tired product or service and increase or develop a new interest in a business and its purpose. There are many factors but there are three main benefits that a re-brand can have for a company or service.


A rebrand completely refreshes a business from the ground up. A new identity and re-brand project with pull the truth out from under the surface and find out what really sets you apart from the competitors and rival companies. With this understanding the re-brand with truthfully express (through logo, language and art direction) what it means to work with you as a business. USP’s are brought to the forefront, how you work differently and what makes you unique as a company can all be expressed in your re-brand. A successful re-brand will not follow design trends but assess who you are, what you do, why you are here and who you are here for. Ambition setting allows a design team to realise your potential through branding and communications. A re-brand is not simply there to impress your customers but also your team, your loyal staff who have been sitting under the same masthead for a number of years now have a voice during the research stage with the brand agency. Involvement and belief from your team will benefit brand culture internally and appeal greatly to those ideal candidates – we all want the best people to work for us and your brand and culture is an important factor in that decision-making process – would you want to drop in a CV to a tired, lacklustre looking brand? Or would it make more sense to engage with a brand that speaks your language?


A rebrand can make a tired product or service relevant in today’s marketplace, tap into the mindset of modern consumers and engage relevantly. Your product or service might be the best, the strongest the most efficient, but if the branding, packaging or shop front isn’t relevant to todays consumer or shall we say ‘attractive’ then you can easily lose interest to young, bright and bold competition. Perhaps their product or services isn’t nearly as good as yours but they, of course, are relevant. This is a key attribute of a re-brand – to re-establish your brand/logo/packaging/website – whatever communication or brand exposure you have to become relevant to the right consumer.


To restate what you ‘now’ do is a fantastic benefit of a rebrand as it gives you a new opportunity to restate all of the lovely new things you have to off that perhaps customers might not know about – your new lines of products, your new technological advance, your new building or premises these are all seismic shifts in your business and through the power or identity, language and artdirectionn – the milestones of a rebrand you can restate your offering to your audience and restate it correctly with intrigue and excitement.

There are many reasons a re-brand can is beneficial, and the proof is in the pudding. Get in touch with the Kaizen Brand Evolution team to talk further if you feel like you might be ready to re-brand.