Telling your brand story

Every brand meet we have with a client or potential client focuses on one theme: Telling your story! Whether you are a nutritionist, a pet food manufacturer, a restaurant owner or a marketing manager, it’s our job to help you bring your brand, product or service’s story to life through amazing creative design, for print and the digital world.

Telling your brand story isn’t easy. It takes consideration and clarity of objective. It must help you address key business issues and overcome objections. It must focus all business stakeholders on a single message and support them in their daily activities, regardless of their position in your business.

So what is your brand story? Are you telling it right? How do you know if you’re wrong?

Our brand story

“We are a creative design agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We specialise in brand identity, graphic design and web design.”

But a brand goes far beyond a few words written down. It must embody a culture within a business and the purpose that the business has in it’s market.

“Our unique approach delivers deep meaningful change across our clients businesses.”

Creative design can be utilised in every facet of your business to promote growth or to focus on productivity enhancements, better user experience or clarity of business objectives.

This morning I was invited to the BBC to video some footage for their “Make It” mentor videos. The projects aim is to improve aspiration, expectation and confidence in young people, young males in particular, aged 16-24, whilst delivering employability, careers resources and pathways into training and employment.

In developing the content, I focused on my own brand story and the message I wanted to portray to those watching the video. What challenges I overcame as a business owner and where I am today?

My brand story

I’m a 34 year old husband and father, as well as a business owner here in Belfast. Kaizen started from our back bedroom with the aim of helping businesses with their marketing through design and printed materials. I’ve always been entrepreneurial and even in school I would have been the person selling sweets from their locker. I love business and love coming to work each day.