Sylvester’s – Brand

Sylvester’s needed a contemporary brand identity that held up the legacy of the owner’s Grandfather ’Sylvester.’ The new Belfast eatery is a full circle restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and evening meals in style. The owner’s family have a longstanding hospitality and restaurant background that puts Sylvester’s on a solid foundation for growth and success. We pitched 3 brand directions for the restaurant, showing interior, exterior and marketing materials for each scenario. The client chose the first concept to which they felt a personal connection with the illustrations of their Grandfather. The Logo itself includes the Grandfathers signature, which is carried throughout the branding. Illustrations were done in house at Kaizen Brand Evolution and rolled out across menus, wall graphics and online. The legacy of Sylvester lives on through the branding, and the contemporary direction will set Sylvester’s ahead of their competitors.