Sometimes businesses change and they outgrow their brand concept, or perhaps your brand identity is outdated and needs changed. In other instances not enough attention has been given to a brand before implementing it, all cases resulting in a loss of custom. In situations like this a business needs to shed its old skin and be reborn under a new, more fitting brand.

What Does A Rebrand Consist Of?

Here at Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are experts at rebranding a business we do this by taking a brief from our customers, deconstruct it and have a number of designers interpret it in their own way. The client is then invited in to view all possible design concepts and chooses one to move forward with, this is then selected and any additional changes are made to make sure the client is happy with their new brand.

When choosing a re-branding with Kaizen we make it as easy as possible for you to choose your new brand by creating resources which showcase your new brand identity in the real world. For example for a business with an actual shop we would create digital images of your shop fitted with new brand images, a shop sign and posters so you know exactly how your brand is going to look and feel like. We also go through every decision made to show you how we think every detail we have selected benefits you.

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