Offset 2016

Offset is a massive design conference hosted in Dublin, this year saw record numbers of attendees from across the globe. We were treated to hear from all sectors of the creative industries, makers at the top of their game, discussing their work and giving industry insights.

Last week we posted our top five list must sees, we weren’t disappointed. All speakers had a little something for us to take away from their talks. It was an incredible amount of talent in one spot.

4Creative spoke largely about how failing taught them not to fear failure, but to understand it’s a part of growing. Angus Hyland showed us his stunning array of book and magazine design, whereas Reed & Rader explained that we needed more cats!

Over the weekend we also participated in IBMs design workshop, experiencing how they develop and expand ideas. Their process helps identify a client’s weak point and find solutions to solve their problems at a fast pace.

We are back in the studio, invigorated and inspired for new briefs. And cat shopping!