Offset 2016, our top 5 speakers…

Who are you most excited about for this year’s #offsetDUB?

Here is the run down of our top picks for this year’s Offset. The ultimate set of design talks hosted in Dublin, bringing together some of the best names in the creative industries, to celebrate and inspire.

Rothco – Creative Agency
Their ‘Shred of Decency’ campaign last year was inspirational, a really simple yet bold idea, that was also moving and powerful. An agency focussing on teamwork, makes them a must see for us!

Stephen Averill & Shaughn McGrath – Graphic Design
As big music buffs we are dying to hear all about Stephen and Shaughn’s work with U2 from iconic album covers to bold poster designs. How creative do they get to be? What is most testing about the work? What’s Bono really like?

Angus Hyland – Pentagram
Named one of the UK’s top ten graphic designers by The Independent, we look forward to hearing a different perspective on Pentagram. Emily Oberman was a highlight from Offset 2015, and we recently heard from Harry Pearse, here in Belfast.

Morag Myerscough – Design & Art
A designer who follows her own ideas and expresses herself in an artistic manner. Mixing both the world of design and fine art to create unique projects. One thing’s for sure, visuals won’t be short on colour and we wonder if dog Lemy will be in tow!

Niall McInerney – Photography
He has photographed some of the great and iconic moments of the fashion industry since the 1980’s. We hope for some cheeky advice on blagging our way into VIP areas and might need a new outfit for this one…