When it comes to design religion the creative community pray south, towards Offset. It is a pilgrimage for the Kaizen Brand Evolution studio every year, trumping birthdays, Christmas and St Paddys’ day for the top spot in the calendar year. This year we used the wonderful Air BNB in securing an apartment just around the corner from the Bord Gais theatre and all of the nearest eateries and watering holes. The mood is what you would expect at the likes of Glastonbury, excitement, anticipation of seeing the worlds leading creatives and the opportunity to mix with your tribe. Removing ourselves from the studio and mingling with like minded designers is a way of refilling our creative juices for the creative year ahead. We secured excellent centre seats in the main theatre for the day ahead with some brief excursions to the top floor for Q&A’s.his ritual goes on for three days and with the amount of inspiring talks you really forget that you haven’t moved in maybe 6 hours from your seat. It’s brilliant! Some of the most outstanding presentations came from Hey Studio, Annie Atkins and Andy Altmann of Why Not Associates. True inspiration that has us chomping at the bit to get back into the studio. As well as the conference we attended the Offset after party hosted by Absolut Vodka, let’s just say we enjoyed what they had to offer… a lot! Walking about the party we were brushing shoulders with the likes of Annie Atkins telling tales of clients past and future projects. What a weekend in Dublin, 2016 tickets are in our sights and we cannot wait to get back down on holy ground.