Wonderwall by Noblett’s

The owners of Wonderwall by Nobletts approached Kaizen Brand Evolution with the vision of re-branding their well-respected and established business in the heart of Belfast City Centre. Nobletts are a Long-standing family-run shop with 2 floors of paint, wallpaper, brushes and decorating supplies, they have been trading for several decades under the family name ‘Noblett’s’ and secured themselves as the finest purveyors of interior decoration at affordable prices. Following a boom in digital interior decoration sales online Nobletts decided to compete online adopting the secondary name ‘Wonderwall.’ Wonderwall became the digital face of Noblett’s and with small incremental additions to uniforms, and in-store promotions the brand link started to garner awareness with loyal customers and clients further afield. The new generation of Noblett’s recognised the need for online sales and brand communication across the business and tasked Kaizen Brand Evolution with reversing the naming of the business and placing Wonderwall as the Primary and Noblett’s as the Secondary name going forward.

Approaching our research and development we wanted the heritage of the brand to remain a strong part of the identity while bringing them into the 21st century. With this in mind, we introduced Gill Sans as the key typeface for Noblett’s and body copy. Gill Sans provides a great balance between classic and contemporary, outlining the Wonderwall by Noblett’s brand values.

The primary type mark of Wonderwall represents each stroke of creativity and crafting that is involved in DIY around the house. The stripes in the type also visualise the movements in painting or decorating representing the core offering at Wonderwall by Noblett’s.

A key requirement of the new identity was to stand out. We achieved this by introducing a bright, bold colour palette alongside engaging copywriting. The new brand mark addresses the fact that Wonderwall are a full circle interior decorating company and not just wallpaper. The idea that you can really WOW your walls came naturally as a piece of language, which in tern developed the brand question ‘What if walls could talk.’ This tone of voice that we crafted for the Wonderwall brand aims to inspire customers to DIY, and along with the brand name give their walls an identity. The Wall’s become the real hero of the identity though the photographic style, typographic design and brand language.

As well as the new logo mark we created a series of way-finding graphics for the massive Wonderwall store on North Street Belfast. Utilising the bright yellow colour palette we created short & sweet way-finding circles across the store via hanging signage, floor vinyl and posters. The yellow is a clear indicator across the store of where you need to be, highlighting each section brightly and consistently.

One of the key brand deliverables was the new Wonderwall by Noblett’s website. Using a bank of contemporary imagery and interior imagery alongside the brand language we designed and developed a modern, minimal site, which directs customers to the products in a highly visual way. With the user in mind, we wanted to make the experience as straightforward and fluid as possible. Imagery played a big part in the framework of the site as did the new brand palette and Gill sans typeface. The balance of white space and photography provides an overall enjoyable online experience.

Online presence wouldn’t be complete without a full social media re-design and strategy to set Wonderwall by Noblett’s up for the future and utilising their already amazing social media following! We crafted their social media language, prepared post templates and posting schedules for them going forward. We also provided an easy to use social media guide with some initial brand guidelines to get them started.

We are extremely proud with the final brand identity and direction for Wonderwall by Noblett’s and look forward to evolving the brand as they continue to grow in store and online.