Naturally Rosie

Rosie came to Kaizen Brand Evolution seeking a brand for her Naturally Rosie naturally hand-made animal products, a balm for animals paws, an oil for fur and a toothpaste for their gums. Rosie has been selling her products at local craft fairs around Northern Ireland and wanted an established identity to make her stand out in the market and progress to sell on Etsy, Folksy and Amazon. We have produced a brand that is ready for the high end shelves and incorporates the values that her product is all about.

We created the logo for Rosie bringing in her name into the imagery, incorporating a rose and lavender to bring across the natural handmade iconography, as all of her products are made out of naturally grown ingredients and lavender is one of the main ingredients in most of her products. The logo is modern, using a minimalistic typeface with her ingredients represented in icon format that will be recognisable in the craft market. The brand language for Naturally Rosie ‘Nourish Your Furry Friends’ is a friendly message to show her target audience that she caters for all types of animals with her products and they are like a spa treatment for them. Throughout the brand roll out we have highlighted her iconography to represent her products, these are tested on humans, natural ingredients and hand-made with love, each of these three pillars were matched with a sketched icon to represent them. To show the softness and friendly nature of Rosie’s products we have used watercolour sketches of ingredients and a muted pastel colour scheme of light pink, blue and navy. We have also incorporated textures of rose gold and paper texture to uplift these colours and give an organic feel. The photography plays a large part as it shows warm colour tones with happy pets with their owners. The image library is made up of cats, horses and dogs used to show that the product is for all types of animals.

‘A Tail Waggin’ Treat’ and ‘A Perfect Present’ language has also been added to emphasis the ‘Nourish Your Furry Friends’ encouraging that this is a special treat for your favourite pet but it also has health benefits. For each product we have also created a symbol so that each product can be easily identified for Rosie’s clients. The Wham Balm we have used an icon of paw print to represent the animals paws, the Tell Tail Oil we have used an droplet to represent the oil and for the Gums+Tums we have used a tooth icon. Each product design comes in three different scents, therefore three different colour schemes have been added to distinguish. Stress is a scent with lavender ingredients to soothe and calm the pet down, to reflect this we have used the colour violet, sleepy which is to help your pet slumber is denoted by the colour green as it is associated with sleep. Fussy is non scented therefore we have used a natural tone for this one. The watercolours also represent the ingredients used in each product. The white minimal packaging design deliberately shows the products clean and pure derivatives. 

Naturally Rosie presentation collateral has included stationery, bags, tags, advertising, stall graphics, social media concepts and web development. We have visualised these in a loving engaging way with kind colour scheme to engage her target market. It has been a pleasure to work with Rosie on her new branding for Naturally Rosie and we look forward to seeing her in our next local craft fair and beyond!