Mozilla – Open Source Logo Design

‘Open sourcing’ or perhaps ‘open publicity’, we couldn’t help but be curious to see the concepts being considered and there annotations on reasoning. Whilst we appreciate a much greater strategy may be propping up the concepts behind the scenes and the notes may be to provide justification to the masses, ‘there’s a touch of the optical illusion about the design’ might not be sound reasoning to divert a brand image. (PS if we had to pick one, that would be it, but not for those reasons).

At Kaizen Brand Evolution our team of seven creatives are brand strategists who utilise design thinking to resolve problems presented at brief. The refinement process is critical and rarely to never sees seven responses being appropriate resolves. We believe in the courage of our convictions when it comes to creative, confidently standing by presented concepts in response to brief with the weight of clear strategy.

However, we applaud the marketing aspect of this post, it does indeed succeed in tying into an open source community approach promoting inclusion in the change making process to bring current users along with the process and tease newbies to the brand. Will it help create the best outcome? Doubtful. But it will engage and create reach, and as we are talking about it, the marketing is working!

See them for yourself here: