Meet our evolutionaries – Shaleen

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry?
In the few months that I’ve been at Kaizen Brand Evolution, I have learnt about presenting for design and how to present a client’s brief back to them and the best way to show outcomes. While working in Kaizen Brand Evolution I have learnt a lot about print and setting up different documents for print. I feel this is invaluable as it is something that will be used in all aspects of design.

2. Desert Island Design Studio, which typeface would you bring with you?
Helvetica, it’s my go to typeface as it is reliable, bold and can be used in all different weights for everything.

3. What do you use for motivation inside the studio? 
On a Friday here at Kaizen Brand Evolution we have a boojum, haha that keeps me motivated throughout the week. More motivation around the studio is the showcase of Kaizen Brand Evolutions work on our walls, seeing the brands that we have worked on and the creative solutions is very inspiring to see.

4. Any designers you have been stalking online recently?
My favourite designer is Jessica Walsh, I first heard her speak at OFFSET in my first year of University and I follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

5. What are you listening to in work today?
I listen to a mixture of everything, usually a bit of Beyoncé.

6. Any exhibitions in Belfast recently that are worth checking out? 
David Sherry at the Golden Thread Gallery, looks like an interesting exhibition I’m hoping to go to it this weekend.

7. What’s your pet called? Tell us about them.
I have a dog called Buddy, he’s old and quite stupid, I live on a farm and he likes to chase cows around the wrong direction.