Meet our evolutionaries – Ryan

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? 
Reputation is everything, building a good reputation across industry in invaluable and keeping the creative momentum simply nurtures the reputation.

2. Desert Island Design Studio, which typeface would you bring with you? 
Helvetica Neue – the family. I know! But stranded on a desert Island, a neutral typeface with great clarity, no intrinsic meaning would be of great comfort to me.

3. What do you use for motivation inside the studio? 
An eclectic mix of playlists on Spotify, caffeine and surfing Behance.

4. Any designers you have been stalking online recently? 
I love the work coming out of Barcelona at the minute, particularly Mucho. Check ’em out.

5. What are you listening to in work today?
Nirvana – Nevermind as it’s the 25th anniversary.

6. Any exhibitions in Belfast recently that are worth checking out? 
Keith Wilson: Calendar, at the Mac. Looking at the cultural status of sculpture, considering how ideas develop from studio to public presentation.

7. What’s your pet called? Tell us about them.
I have a crazy cockapoo called Riley and a very chilled cat called Obi. They’re best friends, oddly.