Meet our evolutionaries – Jordan

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry?
Probably how to manage time more effectively. There are so many things going on in the studio ranging right the way through from client graphic design work, photography and our own internal brand that I always try to take a step back from the work and ensure that what is being done is in the best interests of the client, whether that is ourselves or someone else.

2. Desert Island Design Studio, which typeface would you bring with you?
Garamond Premiere Pro! I don’t know whether this typeface would be particularly useful on a desert island but it is definitely my favourite out there. Its classic shape works equally well in lower case for body copy or in the small caps case for detail text and sub headers. I always find that it gives a real sense of class to whatever publication or project it’s used in. I suppose in that sense if I were stranded I could imagine it was part of a big adventure book all set in the classic typeface.

3. What keeps you motivated?
The sheer range of clients that we work with means that we can experiment a lot with different styles and ways of communicating as we try to find the unique voice of a brand. I suppose this means I never really get bored as every job presents a new problem or task, which needs to be overcome in a visually pleasing way.

4. Any designers you have been stalking online recently?
There is a company from Argentina called ‘Hola Bosque’ who are really inspiring for me because of how the use colour. Everything they do is bursting off the screen with ingenious combinations that always seem so obvious until you try to do it yourself. They are primarily an illustration studio, which means that their style is very handmade and organic, which, combined with the colours make for a brilliant result.

5. What are you listening to in work today?
I really love music, and having played in a kind of post-punk band for a few years I developed a taste for the heavier guitar riff bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Refused, but both my Dad and brother have great taste in music and send regular recommendations my way. Most recently I am going back to what my Dad played in the car when I was younger, a mix of Steely Dan and Sting. But I will listen to anything that catches my ear. One of my new favourites is ‘Dreams’ by Beck from the new FIFA 16 soundtrack.

6. Any exhibitions in Belfast recently that are worth checking out?
The most recent exhibition’s that I have seen were all on Culture Night 2016. There is always a plethora of events, shoes and performances to go and see so I don’t think I could choose my favourite from the night, but if I had to say it would probably have been the people from Flamenco Fino. Brilliant dancing and music.

7. What’s your pet called? Tell us about them.
I have a cat and a dog, Evee and Catty… Try to guess which one is which. They are both very old now but still in great shape, Evee especially. She is 15 years old and still going strong, but the best thing about her is that she is just so well behaved. Only barks when she needs let in from outside and loves a good hug. Catty is like any well respected cat would be, totally aloof until she needs something, then she’s all over you.