Meet our evolutionaries – Ciara

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry?

Other than all the practical do’s and don’ts, form and function.  Working in Kaizen Brand Evolution has taught me a lot about the customer focus, everyone has a different eye, therefor, see’s things differently, something you have to always keep in mind.

2. Desert Island Design Studio, which typeface would you bring with you?

Brandon Grotesque is hot. It would totally be my sidekick. So versatile, friendly, strong…

3. What do you use for motivation inside the studio? 

I find working in a studio with a group of talented designers motivational. I can look around the room at any time and be impressed, interested and motivated by all the amazing work going on around me. That and some heavy tunes.

4. Any designers you have been stalking online recently?

I am always stalking every designer. Recently I have been obsessing over Young Jerks. I’d recommend anyone to check out their work.

5. What are you listening to in work today?

I hate to admit it, but DJ Ryan Stanfield has usually got the best mix on. If I need to focus, I will usually listen to some small angsty band or Little Mix.

6. Any exhibitions in Belfast recently that are worth checking out? 

I am so proud of Belfast and how well the creative scene has blossomed the last few years, there is a beautiful new mural every few months. The Black box puts on a walking tour and exhibition of Belfast street art, I’d love to go.

7. What’s your pet called? Tell us about them.

My favourite thing in the world is my cat Kitty. She is small, black, and very noisy. She always has her tongue out, unless she is drinking milk or giving kisses.