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If you were recently enthralled by the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix, you’ll certainly have some questions about the investors and how they came to the decision to invest in the “Greatest Festival That Never Happened”.

Below as you can see, the Fyre presentation deck is well designed and has substance in areas. In others it’s purely aspirational, with 3 of the 8 potential brand partners are showing as “pending”. This content is glossed over and hidden in plain site. Overall the content is well put together and the use of the aspirational imagery, which was so prominently featured in the documentary, strikes a key with the tone of the brand and its ambitions.

It’s easy to visualise the goals of the brand and the opportunities it presents through the presentation deck. While we all have our own opinions about the documentary and its participants, the pitch deck could have contributed to gaining investment, even with some questionable content.

Fyre Investor Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Design

As a design and branding agency working with start ups, pitch decks are commonplace in our studio. From tech firms to media agencies, we take provided presentations and create enhanced versions for a variety of uses, including investment rounds.

As a studio it’s not just our remit create a beautifully designed pitch deck in line with brand aspirations. But also to critically review and understand presentations’ intent. In doing so we extract key information, highlighting and focusing the readers attention on the key points made.

Designing a Pitch Deck

When designing a pitch deck the first step in the process is reviewing the content. We’re happy to receive emails, word docs or even half finished powerpoint files. Once we have reviewed the content, we meet for a discussion on intent.

What do you want to achieve with this pitch deck?

Understanding intent allows us to communicate in a manner your recipients expect. An investment round deck looks and feels different to a quarterly review deck because the intent differs. At this meeting it’s great to get brand assets also. Armed with content and assets, we’re ready to start designing.

We design he cover and 2-3 inner pages of the deck first. In doing this we can gain approval of our style, highlighted elements and content layout. Upon acceptance of this we roll our the style across all other pages. We send the document to you for review and upon final sign off, export this to your chosen format.

Want to start a pitch deck project with us? Get in touch using the contact form below. Alternatively do get in touch with us on 028 9507 2007

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And in case you haven’t seen some of the reactionary marketing from our local brands, here’s a Lidl Google search ad on the topic of Fyre 🙂

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