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Rightpath Recruitment, based in Armagh approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to create a new name and identity for their brand to develop into an innovative force that makes an impact on the recruitment industry across the construction, IT and finance sectors.

Rightpath Recruitment are made up of a team of passionate, highly skilled and knowledgeable recruiters with over 20 years combined industry specific recruitment experience in the 3 main sectors. To commence the corporate naming project, our team of 12 designers set to brainstorming name generation concepts that could represent the business.

After a filtering process by Design Director, Ryan Stanfield, and close liaison with the client the name was selected.  The outcome of the naming process was ‘Informe’ which highlights the experience and building trust provided as part of the service. The word Informe has been designed to include the number three as this represents the three industries within recruitment; construction, IT and finance. This has been cleverly incorporated as part of the E within the brand mark. 

The informe brand mark is a modern and contemporary, simple type logo. Forming is the key representation of this logo which is taken from the small sections taken out of the F & 3 which represents the forms taken shape in the construction, IT and finance sectors. It has mileage that doesn’t fit any trends and will be timeless for years to come.

The brand mark is shaped from a san serif typeface called Termina. Amongst the landscape of geometrics, Termina breaks the norm with its generously wide letterforms. It is bold and stands out with industrial and technology connotations. We have customised the typeface taking a small section from the F and the 3 which represents three and allows the letterform to represent three. The 3 number format has been custom sculpted for inform brand. 

The tagline ‘We form careers’ has a nod towards the industrial landscape which the candidates are from with forming being a key part of construction. The word form is also taken out from the brand name Inform which is a clever note towards it. Forming a relationship between the ideal job and the candidate. This is developed in the three brand pillars, where the language changes to ‘Forming Construction’, ‘Forming IT’, and ‘Forming Finance’ the candidates and inform are forming the careers, relationships and future for the UK and Ireland. 

We have created a set of three icons for Construction, IT and Finance, the 3 core sectors of the business, these can be used across the brand as the brand pillars. For art direction of photography for Inform we want the viewer to be aware of the type of candidate that Inform would be recruiting, the type of candidate that is clean cut, wears a suit. High end shots including lifestyle imagery of buildings, computers or technology related fields. The balance between lifestyle photography and candidate shots is important to show a variety. 

When researching into the competitors we came to the realisation that red is heavily used in the recruitment industry. We have used a bright yellow to stand out from the crowd, yellow is friendly and approachable, it also gives meaning of energy and loyalty. This is particularly important in recruitment industry so that the client is trusting to them. Yellow is paired with black to give a corporate approach. The colour black which represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority.

The brand is rolled out considering the device, strapline, brand language, art style, and how primary colour palettes will look. This will be in line with market research conducted in your landscape. The new branding will be tested on a range of relevant applications such as website, business stationery, presentation folders, signage and internal collateral.

Creating branding for a recruitment company has been a challenging and rewarding project for the design studio. The roll out is when it really comes to life and starts to increase interest and return revenue for the client. 

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