How important is a Brand?

We’ll start with the obvious: Branding is very, very important for any business. There isn’t any ‘might’ or ‘could be’, it just IS. But why is it important? What does a brand do for you and your business exactly? Within this article we are going to take a look at exactly that, helping to give you a better understanding of why Brands are important and why you need one if you haven’t already.

Firstly, what exactly is a Brand? What is Branding? In the conventional sense, branding is where a company creates everything that will identify them, from their name to their logo and colours that will be encompassed within this. A brand is something that makes a business easily identifiable from others that work within the same industry as them. But a brand is also so much more than this, as it becomes everything you do as a business. All of your actions will be viewed not as individuals, but as a whole under one BRAND.

A Brand is important because, as previously stated, it helps set you apart from your competitors and tells customers why they should do business with you, over someone else who is offering more or less the same product or service. You build your brand from the ground up, not only the way you see it but also in the way that you want to be perceived by others, because due to how much your brand encompasses of your business, it is how you will become recognised and viewed by everybody, not only those within your industry.

One of the most important aspects of your brand is that of your logo, so it is vital that you get it right, but also that it makes sense in the message you are trying to get across. Your logo will essentially become the face of your company before you ever employees. The logo that you choose therefore needs to be professional, as people will immediately begin to view you in a professional manner, someone that they can trust and want to do business with. It is important at this stage that you put the investment in and get a professional graphic designer to do this for you, instead of someone who might be able to give you what you want. A professional will be able to take everything that you already have and everything that you want to achieve and bring this into a logo that is going to match your business, help to bring you success and ultimately help to bring you a positive ROI.

What you will ultimately want to achieve from your business, is for it to bring in customers and for them to buy your products or use your services. A strong brand will undoubtedly help with this. It will help to generate new customers because it instantly creates a positive impression of you. Again, similar to having a professional logo, having an excellent overall brand means people are more likely to do business with you. From this, begins the word of mouth process as the popularity of your brand spreads from person to person, helping to increase the number of customers that you have and ultimately the amount of profit you are pulling in.

A great brand isn’t just for the benefit of customers, however, as you will immediately notice that it benefits your employees, or that they show improvement, especially if you have recently rebranded and are showing a renew sense commitment to your brand, your goals and your cause. Employees will have greater satisfaction and sense of pride in saying that they work for you, making them happier to come to work and making the workplace a better place overall.

Finally, another advantage of having an excellent brand is the fact you will be given respect in the market you are involved in. You are more likely to get business again from those you have worked with, but also more likely to be taken seriously by competitors, as they can see that you are serious about what you are doing. Strong branding will help to give the impression that you are an industry expert, even if you are only starting out.

We hope that by reading this you have seen the importance of a brand and just how much it can help nearly every aspect of your business, both day to day and long term. To follow up on this, we are holding an an event on the 22nd of February titled, “When is the right time to rebrand” this will aim to show you when is the perfect time and help you through the process. Tickets can be purchased right here for only £5:

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