How design plays a part in your marketing efforts

When crunching the numbers, good design can often be considered a nice-to-have rather than a business necessity. Well, truth be told, design is as important as any other part of your business, if not more so. Great design is about providing visual solutions to user problems, whether it be reducing the time it takes for a customer to read your advert, ensuring your sales messages are remembered or changing the way your customers think or feel about your brand, product or service, design is an integral part of the whole process and should never be underestimated. 

So in what ways does design help your marketing efforts? Here’s our run-down; 

Design makes people feel good

First and foremost, design provokes an emotional response. You’ll know this from your own experience. Whether you have a positive or an adverse reaction to a piece of design is usually decided within a split second of viewing. So as good as your product or service may be, and as valuable as it might be to your customers – if the design flops then they are unlikely to give any more thought to it. On the other hand, if your design appeals to your intended audience, then you will be on the front foot from the very start. Your audience will immediately feel more positively about what you have to say, and you can begin to show the value behind what you have to offer. 

Design is functional

Far from being a “fluffy” part of business, as it is sometimes wrongly thought of, good design serves a very practical and functional purpose. Whether it is helping customers to find their way around a website, or acting as a source of information to teach or inform your audience about a particular topic or subject, design is there to make your customer’s lives that little bit easier. It is also there to help bring your business sales. Because if you can make your customer’s lives easier and help guide them to the right answers, then you can also guide them to your business and to buying into your brand. 

Design is everywhere

Design is so commonplace that we often forget that it’s even there. Design isn’t just about the glossy two-page magazine spread, the billboard display, or a stunning looking website; design is also about how easy the payment gateway on your e-commerce site is to use, or whether or not a button on one of your marketing emails is big or clear enough. And while these seemingly minor details may not seem all that critical, they are as important to your marketing efforts as any visually beautiful piece of advertising, and will no doubt take up as much thought and work in ensuring that your marketing efforts are on the right track. 

Colours and fonts really do make a difference

Depending on what it is you are trying to achieve, seemingly minor elements of your design, like the colours and fonts that you choose to use, can make all the difference. Whether you want to make people feel happy, sad, inspired, creative, or motivated to buy, the colours and fonts you choose to use will subconsciously be doing the leg-work for you before your customers have even read the first word of copy in your advertising or the first sentence on your website. 

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we’ve worked with numerous businesses and organisations to improve their design and branding. We understand the difference that great design can make to your marketing efforts and how to use it effectively to help increase brand presence and sales. To find out more you can visit our contact page or get in touch by calling 02895072007.