Graphic design – the what and how

Many of our clients have historically know our business for its brand development projects. However there are a large proportion of our clients who task Kaizen Brand Evolution with the day to day graphic design services that keep their marketing and sales departments functioning effectively.

On any given day we could be creating brand presentations, leaflet design, menu design or any other number of projects for almost every conceivable industry. Depending on how you originally came across Kaizen, you may not know all the services we provide, so today we’re introducing some of the most popular graphic design projects we have recently undertaken:

Leaflet Design – Many proclaim that print is dead, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The volume of print is of course in decline, but this has seen a rise in more targeted leaflet designs and campaigns. We work with your team to identify the best leaflet design for your campaign objectives.
Booklet Design – From magazines to annual reports, sales presenters and training manuals, we design booklets and brochures for all manner of business sectors.
Logo Design – Some of logo projects are not suited to a full brand experience. This could be a sub-brand within an already established company or a start-up identifying new markets and want to do this in a professional manner. Whatever your project, our logo design team can help position your logo in the correct manner for your business opportunity.
Poster Design – Indoor posters or outdoor posters such as Billboards and Adshels. Whatever your requirement our designers are extremely well versed in creating impactful poster design to engage your audience.
Social Media Design – Crafting a considered Social Media presence is critical to many brands who want to grow their business online. With a firm understanding of your business and target market, we are experts in social media design.

Working with your graphic designer

We understand that as a business you may not have a regular requirement for graphic design and so today we’ve put together our top tips for briefing your graphic designer. We’re always here to help and if you have any questions at all, please just ask.


The single greatest input you can provide in the graphic design process is a strong brief. Consider the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” of the design and write down clearly the focus of the project.

Quality Assets

“You only get out what you put in” – these words couldn’t be truer and so providing high quality imagery, logos and proofread text is critical to creating a perfect design. Our job as designers is to carefully craft the design and tease out the information that will directly impact the projects’ success.

Working with us
Whatever your graphic design project, we would be delighted to chat to you about the opportunities we at Kaizen Brand Evolution can help with. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland we help local and national businesses meet their ambitions through considered graphic design.

To get in touch with our studio, please call us on 028 9507 2007 or use the contact form.