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Focal Media Branding

Focal Media is Ireland’s leading digital solutions provider. From their headquarters in Dublin, they serve a wide range of markets including: Retail, Automotive, Hospitality and Military the experience Focal Media brings to running and managing digital signage networks is second to none. Over the past 20 years in business, they have developed and delivered digital content for organisations all across Ireland, North and South in innovative and engaging ways.

Recently, we were engaged to review the Focal Media Branding and Web presence ( Our aim was to show a true reflection of the business and how it has pioneered technology to deliver data driven digital campaigns within organisations and businesses nationwide. 

With any project of this scale and output, our first task is to understand the business, its stakeholders, what differentiates Focal Media from the competition and why. Through both interviews with the leadership team and research by the studio we were able to develop a great understanding of the market. What opportunities are available and what threats the business might need to navigate in coming years.

Focal Media Brand Development 

Through a brand audit, we developed a narrative for the new brand position of Focal Media. We also delivered a language set that would be understood by the business stakeholders. With careful consideration to the brand a new typography and colour palette was chosen to accurately reflect the digital and forward thinking business. Each of the above elements was displayed in 3 concepts alongside 3 unique logo options for the brand.

Showing our research and understanding of the business alongside its position in the marketplace, we were able to deliver 3 wonderful brands, we would be happy going to market. From this the business leaders were able to make an informed decision on their new creative. The chosen brand as you can see, is a mix of contemporary fonts, intelligent language and a bold colour palette that works equally well in print as it does in the digital arena.

Almost overnight the entire brand suite was rolled out across the company and utilised across all communication channels and market verticals. We are delighted to support the in-house team with brand assets and best practice guidance. As part of the brand roll out we created a suite of business stationery design, a pitch deck presentation design template and case study designs that will be utilised throughout all business functions.

Website Development

In addition to the brand development, we were engaged to create the new website for the business. Being such a visual brand and having a wealth of experience in the digital marketplace, we were able to draw on some fantastic imagery to help portray the business. 

Using user experience best practice, we delivered an outline of this extensive site and on approval, developed the wordpress CMS in line with the brand guidance. With an incredibly extensive portfolio of products and services we utilised a robust mega menu to deliver categories and services in a neat and easy to navigate manner. All content and design was reviewed in line with current best practice techniques ensuring that when live, the website has the best opportunity to perform well in the search engines.


During the project, Covid-19 became an integral part of the future planning for the business and as such provided an opportunity for the business to serve new and existing customers with a new range of products including thermal imaging cameras. With the website being built in wordpress, we were able to develop a new category and product content in a matter of hours, ensuring the business can have first mover competitive advantage. 


In conjunction with the new range of products, a new brand and website, Focal Media are in a prime position to deliver their business in goals now and in the future. The brand is reflective of the high level of experience and quality of work / service the business brings to organisations right across the country.

If you want to chat about your brand development, a brand refresh or developing your web presence, we would be delighted to chat to you about this. Simply fill in the contact form or call our brand team on 028 9507 2007.

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