Connect and engage your stakeholders with a nicely represented annual report


An annual report is a lengthy document that represents a comprehensive report on a company’s transactions or activities (selling & buying of products, investments, charities, etc.) throughout the preceding year. It transparently explains the expenses, profits, growth & degrowth, and the financial status of a company on the day of the annual meeting. It is a must for every listed company. Basically, the purpose of preparing this report is to present the report of all the activities of a company including profits and losses to the stakeholders, partners, investors, employees, and other people who are interested in it.  

These days, a company’s annual report is no longer only a representation of financial figures and statutory reports of the company for the preceding year, but it is much more than this. It has become a strategically designed marketing tool for a company through which a company tries to maintain the interest of existing stakeholders and attract more stakeholders and investors for the growth of the company. Therefore, it is very important that the design, structure, and representation of the annual report of your company reflects your brand, vision, and business values. If you try to prepare an effective design and structure for your company’s annual report without having expertise in this field, you will definitely create a mess. So, it is better to hire professional annual report design firms. This approach will help you to design an attractive, interesting, and engaging annual report of your company for the preceding year. 

Why Design and Structure of An Annual Report are Important?

During the recently passed decade, the trend of designing a company’s annual report emerged. Before that, for most companies, it was just a representation of financial figures with some statutory reports. In simple words, it was only the responsibility for a company toward the stakeholders. At that time, giving information about the company’s activities and financial status for a preceding year was the only purpose of preparing an annual report. But, today, several smart marketers use their company’s annual report strategically to attract more stakeholders and investors and make strong relationships with them. And that’s why an annual report of a company must be attractive and interesting so that the stakeholder and investors can connect and engage with your brand’s vision.  

For making your company’s annual report attractive, interesting, and engaging, you need to hire professionalannual report design firms. They are available every corner of the world and you can reach them over the internet and through their contact numbers. 

Three Things to Make Your Annual Report Interesting and Engaging

Generally, a representation of an annual report of a company is quite boring for even stakeholders and investors due to its simple and lengthy data. Sometimes, the audience starts yawning and even sleeping during the representation of the annual report of a company. It often happens because nobody takes interest in a lengthy and boring presentation of data. That’s why the need for designing and structuring annual reports emerged. 

Here in this section, we have mentioned three things which are very important to make your company’s annual report interesting, attractive, and engaging. Make sure you always include these data in your company’s annual report.

Use Infographics

Using infographics for statistical analysis and achievements of a company in the annual report is a great idea. It is far better than representing the statistical data only in text form as infographics are attractive and easy to understand. Basically, infographics are graphical or visual representations of data. It tells a story in a proper way. The best things about infographic representation of data are:

The statistical data look really very attractive and interesting. The audience pays their full attention during the whole presentation of the annual report with excitement. 

The data is easily readable and understandable for the audience that includes stakeholders, investors, partners, the board of directors, employees, and other interested parties.

The data tells a story of the whole preceding year in a series and that looks quite interesting.

The infographic representation of statistical data is also easier to represent correctly in front of the audience for representatives of the company. 

Bold Fonts and Colors

Leave the old-fashioned way of preparing an annual report with a white page, black text, and no colors. This is really unattractive. If you want to maintain the interest of your stakeholders, investors, and other people who are interested, then your approach must be trendy for designing your company’s annual report. Make sure you use bold fonts and colors smartly in all pages of the annual report. Your brand name and logo must be bold and highlighted throughout the whole document. This approach will make your company’s annual report interesting and vibrant and inspire stakeholders to be with your vision and promote your vision. For the best results, you should hire professional annual report design firms. Their experts will do the job for you. 

Show the Portfolios of Your People

It is a great idea to include portfolios of your company’s people in your annual report. This will motivate the audience and leave a positive impression on those. Use their pictures in which they are looking professional and briefly explain their role in your company. Explain about their expertise, experience, and achievements, these things will inspire both your company’s people and the audience. 

It is better to put the portfolios of your company’s people after the introduction part in the annual report. Make sure you do not make this part too lengthy. Put those people in your annual report which are pillars of your company and play a vital role in the development of the company. So that the interest of the audience remains high throughout the representation of your company’s annual report.