Cache, discussing the creative community

Last week we attended Cache. An event designed to discuss bringing together the creative industries under one banner, hosted by Noribic at the Mac in Belfast.

We were greeted with smiles, wine, and music by local singer/songwriters Travis is a Tourist & Owen McGarry. After we got settled amongst some fellow graphic designers and SEO specialists, we got down to business. Kicking off with some key speakers talking from the perspective of their professional fields.

Mary McKenna was first up, a Northern Irish technology entrepreneur and angel investor, who spoke about the benefits of networking and collaboration. She shared with us some great bite sized bits of info, such as: “Every opportunity is attached to a person.” – Mary McKenna

She also has some great advice on her blog, here:

After a quick break for some fish and chips, washed down with another cheeky glass of wine, we got back down to business.

Gemma Milne, keynote speaker and The Creative Lab Technologist at Ogilvy & Mather Group, talked about market research. She spoke about her passion for start up companies and helping them find their voice. “Corporates need to learn to speak startup & startups need to learn to speak corporate.” – Gemma Milne

Noribic then opened the conversation to all. In Northern Ireland we have no single strategy or representative body for the industry, as a whole. Willing to take up the challenge, Norbic had gathered everyone from across the creative industries to discuss the interest, if any, in such a venture. There was resounding support, with lots of positive feedback on the idea. And on that they left to ask the question again in Derry/Londonderry.