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PJ Brogan Opticians are a pillar in their respective communities across Lisburn and Ballynahinch, known for their expertise and reputation in optometry. This family-run business has kept ahead of the curve in terms of their offering and adapted with the ever-changing demands of modern customers. 2020 brings a new opportunity for PJ Brogans in that they have chosen the team at Kaizen Brand Evolution to re-fresh their brand identity across all stores.

In the initial phases of the re-brand it was clear that PJ Brogan’s where a modern, forward looking company with a clear objective at hand – attract new, younger customers whilst retaining their core audience and expanding the brand reach, becoming relevant in 2020.

We approached the re-brand project with a look to modernising and re-stating the business through strong, simple communications that would easily fit into the buying persona of a modern retail audience. Firstly the logo needed re-thinking and with this we wanted to introduce a smart yet subtle link between the letters in PJ Brogan and the immediate visual representation of the business – in this case a pair of glasses. A large part of the re-brand was actually in the name – we asked the question, do people still say the full moniker “PJ Brogans’ or is it simply known as Brogan’s? The answer was Brogan’s – and in the best interest of telling the truth about the business we shortened the name to Brogan’s.

In their own words: “We aim to delight our patients with our personal service, innovative eyewear and clinical expertise.” Pairing off with a unique statement which under-pins the logo we introduced ‘eyes and ears’. This was a result of careful attention to what Brogan’s work for and where their passion lies. Language in situ we had the ingredients for a real ‘eye-catching’ brand system.

One of the ways I rate success in a logo design is when someone perhaps doesn’t see something and is surprised (in a little way) when something hidden within the logo is revealed later. We achieved this with an intertwined glasses icon which hides in the ear, links and loops of the G in Brogan’s.

Paired with a modern, luxurious and almost trendy colour palette, we have created a retail/specialist brand identity in line with the company’s trajectory and the buying patterns of its ideal customers. The symbolism and logo versatility sit strongly across signage, internally and externally as well as online, importantly on their new website (designed and built by us at Kaizen Brand Evolution) and social presence. The brand now sits firmly in the 2020 landscape and is ready for the next phase in Brogan’s business journey.

It was a pleasure to craft and create the language, identity and brand projections for Brogan’s and we all thoroughly look forward to how the brand rolls out and more importantly how the customers engage with the new brand system in place. We continue to work with Brogan’s as they embark on this re-brand for 2020 and beyond, creating all marketing assets across print and digital. Keep an ‘eye’ as Brogan’s hits the high street with their shiny new identity.

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