Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a process that is often an after thought in many organisations. Many are too busy in the “doing” to pause and reflect on what the purpose of our brand is and how this can act as the driving force right across the organisation.

However, those who engage in developing their product, service or organisational brand strategy will have identified a roadmap that directs and shapes their project ensuring the greatest opportunity to be successful over a long term.

When developing a brand strategy, a detailed and robust approach provides a roadmap for your organisation and creative teams. Within every strategic brand project you should clearly be able to define the following items:

  • The brand’s objective
  • Key customer attributes or persona’s
  • The definition of success within the project

By fully engaging with your creative teams and exploring the answers to these questions, you will begin to create a sound and justifiable brand strategy.

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we have a wealth of experience in developing product, service and organisational brand strategies at the highest level.

Components of a Successful Brand Strategy

Through the development of a considered brand strategy, we will help you define the purpose of your organisation and how this translates into the personality the business should portray to the market. We will help direct a tone of voice and language set that accurately reflects that of your key customer base and a suite of imagery styling or photographic direction that truthfully portrays your business.

Our team are extensively training in key persona profiling and will use this experience and knowledge to develop a keen understanding of your chosen customer type. Through this process, we acutely understand the needs and factors that influence decision making. With this understanding we can direct our strategy in the most fitting manner.

The Definition of Success

As your brand partner we ask about success in every strategic project we undertake. With a deeper understanding of the goals of the business, we can create processes and strategy to deliver success. We have found that those organisations who trust us as a partner and share information early in the process will get the best from this process.

Starting a Strategic Brand Project

With the nature of such projects, brand strategy is developed at the highest level within Kaizen Brand Evolution. To start the discussion around a strategic project please email us via the contact form or call our Client Services team on 028 9507 2007 and we’ll arrange a meeting with our Creatives.

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