Brand Audit & Brand Refresh

As a branding agency, we work with businesses at all stages of their market cycles. From start ups to 4th generation family businesses we help deliver brand strategy and creative direction at the most senior levels. When considering a brand audit or a brand refresh, many of the organisations we speak to have moved their business into new markets or the markets they have traditionally operated within are changing rapidly. The question we ask is always:

“Does your brand reflect the markets you operate in today and those you aim to focus on in the future?”

If you are unsure or the answer isn’t an unequivocal yes, then there is merit in a brand audit project. Within a brand audit project, we research and understand your business and the markets you operate in. We respectfully review your market, the opportunities and challenges you as an an organisation face.

We are always respectful to the heritage of your organisation and are acutely aware of the personal link that many will have to the brand. Our process in reviewing your brand ensures that we engage all team members and where suitable afford these parties the opportunity to have a meaningful input to the process.

Refreshing your business direction

During a brand audit we respectfully challenge your position in the marketplace and work with you to fully understand the opportunities / challenges the organisation faces. With a clearer picture of where we’ve come from and where we’re going, our creative teams use design to seek out these opportunities and overcome challenges.

We take an objective look at aspects of the business that aren’t performing as well as they should be then provide an insight on how to change these to enable your brand to reach its potential. This is why we call it a refresh, it’s not a complete rebranding but instead an update that pushes your business in the right direction.

The Process of a Brand Audit

From the audit, we present 3 brand concepts to you. As this is a refresh, we always provide a concept that is the evolution of your existing design. This is the safe bet that doesn’t scare off the board or management team. The second concept allows us to objectively explore design to meet the needs of the business. The third concept we call the wild card, though it’s anything but that. Within the third brand audit concept, we push the boundaries of what your team will expect. We flex our creative muscles so to speak and provide a truly objective brand completely unique to your current offering.

We have tried and tested this process with over 200+ brands and have found that by providing 3 very unique, researched and of course justified brands, that we allow for a very direct conversation on your brand audit. We are happy with any of the brands going to market and that they objectively meet the agreed goals of your organisation. However we do know that internally branding is subjective.

Although many of our clients love all or some of the brands we create, by affording you three unique options we are completely happy with, this allows you to take the elements of each brand concept you love and to bring these to life in a final chosen design. You might love the typography from one, the colour palette from another or the tone of voice we use in the third. This is all normal and through our creative process we actively engage you to be involved also.

At the end of a successful brand refresh or audit, we will have clearly identified and positioned the new brand in line with the organisation goals. We often supply a suite of collateral that have been carefully reviewed using our experience and best practice in creative design. These materials may include: pitch decks, website design, brochure design and social media campaigns.

Brand Audit Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a brand audit take?

We allow 4 weeks for brand audit projects. This allows the creative team enough time to research and develop their output. A brand audit can be conducted quicker, however our process is robust and speeding this up is not advised.

How much does a brand audit cost?

There’s no set price for our brand audit projects as this depends on a variety of factors unique to your organisation. We are however able to provide a quote quickly after an initial discussion with our client services team. If you would like to discuss a potential project, please get in touch with us on 028 9507 2007 or email us via the contact page.

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