Boyd Rice Solicitors

Directors Neil and Ben took the decision to rebrand an established firm Boyd Rice as they took control, naturally they spoke to us!  They wanted to stands out against competitors and announce that they have changed directorship. Boyd Rice aimed to protect their current client base by communicating that they were changing directors but would have the same values and assure them that the same service would prevail. Personal injury and family are their target clients, with this in mind we have explored a brand that is friendly, modern and trusted to secure this. Our mission for Boyd Rice Solicitors was to create a corporate brand identity and narrative which will show their clients and future clients that there has been a change in the firm, but the same principles remain.

The logo consists of highlighting the two surnames Boyd and Rice giving both equal importance but we have shown that they are two different names of the company by differentiating with colour tones. The logo is designed with a soft rounded typeface that symbolises trustworthy and approachability. The type solicitors is placed smaller underneath the BoydRice showing the hierarchy of the design. The ‘O’ in Boyd Rice has been designed with a small line underneath it. We have highlighted the ‘O’ in Boyd to symbolise the hammer in law. This clever ‘O’ will be brought out throughout the brand language and will be used as a brand device throughout. The ‘O’ device has been a key representation of the brand being brought through for all language and the four brand pillars.

We have used a two tone colour scheme of navy and turquoise as they are rich bright colours, but are approachable for the clients target audience which is personal injury claims. We have also brought into the logo design a wall texture to show hidden depth to the logo. Due to the corporate nature of the solicitors the photography is suitably paired, we have chosen photography that is peaceful and relatable to Boyd Rice’s customers, showing family enjoying time together, law buildings and signing paperwork.

We have used iconography and sourced imagery for each of the main brand pillars; personal injury, conveyancing & property, matrimonial & family and probate & wills which symbolise each department with a caring image that has been chosen to represent each pilar. The language ‘On your Side’ represents Boyd Rice’s messaging to be there for there clients, it is matched with photography of family to target their main audience. ‘On Your Side’  language as solicitors is a positive message that they are on their clients side and there for them, it is encouraging for client and solicitors as it adds a personal touch with the word ‘your’ which immediately engages the viewer and will attract new clients for Boyd Rice.

The brand has been visualised onto aspects that Boyd Rice Solicitors would use in everyday activity, these include business cards, stationery, window signage, pop up banners and folders. We have ensured that the colour palette and branding has been brought throughout all of the aspects as well as the ‘On your Side’ messaging to strength the brand with consistency.

We enjoyed working on Boyd Rice creating a modern, but approachable brand identity for them. We created the brand highlighting these key points of corporate identity for the Solicitors firm and also taking into account the firms key audience of family which we made the brand also friendly. We look forward to working with Boyd Rice on their brand roll out with their launch which we will be designing business cards, letterheads, email signatures and any of their other needs.