Annual Report Design

Annual reports are an integral part of communicating with key stakeholders in your organisation. They are however often text heavy documents with financial data that can often be overwhelming to stakeholders. To achieve exceptional and engaging annual report design our design team will create a clear system of delivering financial reports. We will create engaging infographics where appropriate and will always use best practice typography and type layout to ensure a consistent and easy to follow content structure.

We work with private, public and third sector organisations to deliver effective annual report designs. Our team of creatives have vast experience in organising the volumes of information contained in Annual reports. Our skill as designers is to quickly understand the intent of each page and provide opportunity to present your information in a clear and informed matter. Our team of expert graphic designers will take your project from dull word document to an exciting and engaging document.

The Building Blocks of a Great Annual Report

To design a great Annual Report, we will always start with research and understanding of the project at hand. As part of our annual report design process, our creatives will consider a number of different design concepts including:

Brand Guidelines

We act as guardians of your brand and will always deliver adesign that is true to your brand guidelines. Where brand guidelines are not currently available, we will review current and past projects to deliver an on-brand style guide in line with the current brand direction.

Digital & Print

Within any organisation consistency of your brand is key to strengthening it. This includes annual reports and other stakeholder materials that are often overlooked. With a vast experience in both traditional printed outputs and digital interactive annual reports, we are able to provide the most suitable output formats for your stakeholder needs.


We deliver best in class typography and provide strict type guidelines to ensure the correct balance of design and functionality in traditionally text heavy documents. We have a vast experience in delivering easy to navigate and read annual report designs.

Infographic Design

One of the key skills we possess as annual report designers is taking often data heavy information and bringing this to life through engaging infographics. Understanding intent and your intended audience, our studio will deliver eye catching infographic designs and illustrations to support your data.

Annual Report Design Examples

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