9 important things your business powerpoint pitch deck must contain

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A pitch deck plays a vital role in businesses and industries. It helps them to easily and effectively explain to their clients and staff about their products, services, visions, achievements, status in the market, etc. Today, every business, small and large companies prefer to have an effective PowerPoint pitch deck of their company, and approximately more than 80% of companies already have their pitch deck. This helps them to effectively attract, interact, and engage their customers, business partners, investors, and employees. Likewise, companies and businesses become able to expand their market and boost their sales and revenues.  

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a brief introduction, presentation, or an overview of a business or company that is used to describe all about the business including its vision, proposals or offers, achievement, employees, products or services, etc. Mainly, it is used in face-to-face meetings, online meetings, B2B, and B2C dealings. It is generally made using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi. Out of these three pitch deck creation platforms, PowerPoint pitch deck is the most commonly preferred platform by the companies. As an owner of a company or business or a business entity, if you still don’t have your business pitch deck, you can hire a brand evolution company near your locality. They will do the job for you. 

9 Important Slides Your Pitch Deck Must Contain

The content your business pitch deck contains plays a vital role to educate, attract, and engage the clients, customers, business partners, and investors. Therefore, a pitch deck must contain all the important information that can leave a lasting impression on clients, customers, business partners, and investors. Here is some important information that your pitch deck must contain. 

1. A Brief Introduction of Your Company

The first and foremost thing that your pitch deck must contain is a brief introduction to your company. Describe who you are, and why you are here? Try to keep this short, concise, and effective. If you make the intro part in thePowerPoint pitch deck too long, it would be boring and irrelevant. So, keep this point in mind when making your business pitch deck. 

2. Introduce the People Behind the Vision

The second most important thing to remember when creating your pitch deck is to introduce your team, business partners, or people who are behind the idea and who are associated with your vision. Keep it short and effective. Try to add their professionalism and big achievements to their profile. It will help you to leave an impact on the audience. One thing you should take care of that this content must be on the second slide or second topic of your pitch deck.

3. The Idea Behind or Problem

After effectively representing briefly about your business and business partners, come to the problem part. Describe what is the problem that led you to establish your business or vision or what are you trying to solve? But before this, explain where the idea of creation of this vision comes from or what is the story behind this. Keep in mind that you have to keep all the content short and concise so that it could be more effective.

4. The Benefits

Once you explain the problem, come to the benefits and solution part. Explain what are the benefits of their solutions and how your solutions are different? How will you be contributing to benefitting your clients, customers, business partners, and investors? Also, if it is possible, explain how you will be contributing to society, government, economy, and environment. 

5. Products & Services

After describing problems, solutions, and benefits, come to the part of introducing your products and services. This part must carefully be designed as it is the main part of your business. It is something that you will be offering to your clients. So, keep all your products and services organized in your PowerPoint pitch deck. Cover all the important products and services in slides and remove all the unnecessary stuff. One thing that you must present in the products and services parts of your pitch deck is their specification. So, keep this in mind. 

6. Scope or Market

This is another most important thing you must nicely cover in your pitch deck. Describe what is the potential market or scope of your products and services and why people will buy your products & services? Make sure you present some statistical data, reports, and surveys about the current market situation. Also, present what are the aspects that will force the customers to buy their products and services.

7. Competition and Competitors

For this, you need to do comprehensive market research and analysis. You will get the data about the competition in your field and your competitors. Explain what are the strategies you are following to beat the competition and what are you doing differently to attract more and more customers. This part is as important as Products & Services and Scope or Market.

8. Business Model & Investment Plans

Now, you need to disclose your business model, investment planning, and market strategies to expand and increasingly grow your business. This is one of the most important parts of a PowerPoint pitch deck. Your business model, investment plans, and market strategies must be impressive to grab the attention of investors, clients, and business partners. This part, you need to comprehensively elaborate in your pitch deck. 

9. Contact Details

Lastly, you need to provide all the important contact details of your business and business partners for business inquiry. Add mobile numbers, landline numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, website links, and others that you have in your pitch deck. This is also very important. 

So, that’s all your business pitch deck must contain. If you have more information that you want to add, you can. But make sure it should be relevant and impressive.  

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