365 Days at KBE

This past year was one of the most enjoyable yet challenging years I have completed during my time at University. It feels like I only started working at Kaizen yesterday, yet it’s already been 12 months. I’m really thankful for the opportunity I was given to work with Kaizen as I gained valuable experience which I wouldn’t get anywhere else. I got to experience the 9-5 workdays in a fast-paced environment that always required me to produce work to a high standard and on time. During my time with Kaizen I got to work on some amazing projects such as Real Estate websites, Brochure websites, Hospitality websites and many more that helped me to take my skills to a new level.

365 Days at KBE | Kaizen Brand Evolution

After the first week at Kaizen I was given my first project, which was to design and build a website from scratch. Although I found the task challenging, I believe that this was the best way to enhance my skills in Web Development. Ever since my first project I have built over 10 websites fully, from scratch, and worked on over 40 other websites. In the past year Web Development wasn’t the only area I was able to improve on. I also got to work on my Animation & Design skills, learning from my team leaders. I feel like Kaizen has helped me prepare for final year of University and I’m confident that the skills I learned in Kaizen will help me get the best grades possible. 

One thing I loved about working with Kaizen is that Connor (Company Director) was always willing to listen and try any ideas I had. He would also be willing to give them a try, which is great as it encouraged me to speak up about any improvements I thought would help me to make better work. One of the best things about working in Kaizen are the good vibes you get from working in the office. The music is always blasting, and you can have a good laugh with your work colleagues and the pay day lunches are the cherry on top. A workday in Kaizen doesn’t feel like work at all!I would really like to thank Connor and the rest of the KBE team for the past year. It really was my favourite year from my time at University and I would highly recommend that any student considers taking on a company placement year as it will develop their skills to a whole new level.