3 Signs That You Need A New Logo

3 signs that you need a new logo

A Logo may be made of type, they could have a mascot or a symbol, logos could have hidden meanings or monograms, negative space or a smile. Logos are power, they are influence, they are everywhere and they are more important than ever. Surprisingly designing a logo is complicated, perhaps more so than it looks. It’s not just a piece of type or a funky blob or symbol that looks cool – Your logo is your personality, it’s your company values, your product and your team. Your logo is the company fingerprint, people instantly form a relationship with it, just from your mark. It is your business in its simplest form and a symbol of reputation.  Changing an established logo is risky, not only for the company receiving the new logo but also for the designer. Evidence shows that we are influenced simply by logos alone, surprisingly. As designers, with this in the back of our minds, it is our job to create the most effective blob, wordmark or symbol that will influence your audience. Three signs to look out for that suggests you need a new logo would be:

Your logo is hard to read in different circumstances

If this is the case, it’s a sign that your logo was designed for one use and one use only, probably a big sign out the front of your shop or building, in the modern age we have so much opportunity to use our logo, big, small, transparent, with new colour palettes and in movement. Your logo needs to be as flexible and adaptable as possible to respond to changing mediums and marketplaces. The likes of social media, or even as part of a sponsorship deal with another company. No matter where it will be seen or used your logo must adapt and develop while retaining its legibility, structure and purpose. So many times logos are lost in the overgrowth and this is down to a lack of flexibility, maybe it only works in one colour and one colour only, this is unfortunate as your logo represents your business and should be able to move and be seen clearly by everyone, everywhere. A well-designed logo can be placed anywhere, print digital video and be as strong as It was the first time you set eyes on it.

Your logo looks like its stuck in the past

If you have a tired, dated logo that maybe doesn’t look as fresh as it once did then it is definitely time for a change. Whether that’s a simple change in font style, colour refresh or a complete overhaul on the design – tired logos can affect your business for the worst. Imagine being the first to market with a new exciting product or service and your logo does not reflect this accurately – it would be like Louis Hamilton turning up to a formula one race on a horse and cart. Vintage may be cool but old and tired is unattractive and off-putting – you’re not going to win the race (or sale) on a donkey. Time for a new logo.

You have mentioned or heard it mentioned a few times

When you hear it mentioned within the workplace that maybe your logo could do with an update, this is a perfect time to consider or just get it done. If regular workers or civilians are commenting on a bad logo and noticing it enough to bring it to their colleagues or worse your attention, imagine what a professional designer would be thinking! Time for a new logo.

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