Whiterock Finance – Brand identity

Whiterock Finance are an independent alternative funding company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Previously named Whiterock Capital Partners, our brand audit project was undertaken to reposition the business within current and new markets.

Traditionally such businesses are branded in a manner akin to an accountancy practice and of course this adds strength to the diligence requirement of such a process. However for many entrepreneurs or business owners, this traditional look may be misunderstood for a variety of reasons.

Our goal within the Whiterock Finance audit was to create an engaging, dynamic brand, that retained the heritage of an established, trusted and extremely well respected business.

Understanding the Brand

In the process of understanding the Whiterock Finance brand and its products/services, we were led to the many clients they have supported with the Growth Loan Fund and Growth Loan Fund II. Entrepreneurial, growth driven and ambitious companies who are making a huge impact in each of their sectors was the common theme and from this it was very clear to identify the personas of key markets.

We created three independent brand concepts that fully reflected the marketplace Whiterock operate in. Each had a unique value proposition and while design is objective, the selection process is of course subjective. After refinement of the chosen brand, we are now rolling this out across a suit of deliverables both online and across digital media.

What is Alternative Finance?

Alternative Finance is an umbrella term that covers any type of finance that does not come from a mainstream provider, such as a bank. It is not a mortgage, but a considered loan for use as investment within your company.

Whiterock Finance support local businesses with ambition that can demonstrate sales and profitability growth.

Brand Audit – Brief

To create a new and engaging brand identity for Whiterock Finance, incorporating the new name with a smart, modern and visual direction. The new identity will become the voice of the brand and reflect the core values that Whiterock Finance represents. The new brand will also position Whiterock Finance as the premier alternative finance option for entrepreneurs seeking growth in their businesses across Northern Ireland. The new brand will be flexible for growth, perhaps in Scotland and the mainland. The brand will be attractive not only to entrepreneurs but to major investors across the water and fit in with their brand library.

The Logo Build

The logo was created using elements ‘W’ + ‘ Whiterock’ + ‘Money clip’. From this we built a clever Rock device crafted from the negative space of the logo. This represents a strong foundation to help support your business. The device will be used to throughout the branding system from housing photography, to use as an arrow to point to the language or to be placed as a white rock when the logo can’t be used.

Each element of the brand has been well thought out from the colours, layout and the typography. We used a typeface, which can be legible from size, with subtle curves in the letters to tie back to the curved logo.

We introduced a clean colour palette inspired by the coast, using a sunset yellow and rock grey with contrasting bright colours used to add more depth to the brand. These colours were used when we updated the Growth Fund logos too so they updated in the style of the new brand.

Brand Language

The brand language was critical, as it had to be corporate and approachable. Some of the language created was, “We invest in the brave”,” We invest in the ambitious”, “Alternative, Intelligent Finance” and “Grow your business”.

As well as the branding system, we produced a range of visuals to show them how the brand could be used across different mediums; including adshels, brochures, signage, business cards, lanyards, mugs and online presence. When you see how all the brand elements are brought together it’s clear to see the cohesion. With this brand structure, Whiterock Finance will stand out from the rest of competition. 

With Whiterock Finance we built a strong brand that works for the business and for their clients. We throughly enjoyed working with the Directors on this exciting project and look forward to working with them to evolve the brand even further.