How to perfect pitch deck design

As a design studio working with businesses engaged in delivering new ideas, raising awareness or indeed looking for funding for their start up, Pitch Deck Design is one of the most popular design services we undertake. We work with brands you know and brands you’ve never heard of, helping craft their content into a manner that will communicate efficiently to the target audience and as a branding agency, we are perfectly suited to creating perfect pitch decks.

Like me, you have no doubt sat through hundreds of presentations. From those hundred or so pitches, how many truly stand out? How many captured your attention and presented the information you needed truthfully and in a manner you could easily digest. I guarantee you it was a handful at most.

Our role as pitch deck designers is simple: We must understand the intent of the content and interpret this through effective, engaging design.

If we achieve the above and nothing more, your pitch deck design will already be in the top 1% of presentations. However, we’re not here to be in the top 1%. We’re here to help create the best presentation.

This post assumes we’re going to be the designers on your upcoming projects. We make no apologies that this post is to show our wares and to entice you into the Kaizen family. However, if you choose to take our advice and go solo, these actionable tips will evolve your presentation beyond the standard powerpoint templates of yesteryear.

What makes a great pitch deck design?

Content, Content Content

Before we get into design elements, the most important factor in creating a top tier pitch deck is content. The old adage that less is more, could not be truer than in the design of a pitch deck (The irony of this lengthy post is not lost). Make your content short, simple and easy to understand. Use short phrases and truncate the information you intended to show on screen. Use your presentation skills to expand upon each point and leave the design alone. Make the intent of each page obvious, so that anyone can understand this with only a glance. Where your content is data or content heavy, consider breaking this up into multiple slides 

Presentation Design Transcends Borders and Timezones

Because of the digital nature of presentation design, we work with clients worldwide. This week alone we had a three-way call with Hong Kong and Dublin discussing the heritage of Irish Whiskey for a suite of new brands we are working on. We live in a truly global village and our studio is adept at delivering engaging presentation designs to meet any business need.

Why you need a perfect pitch desk design 

It’s your chance to showcase your expertise

You’re the experts in your industry and you know what you’re talking about. But, if all that information is thoughtlessly packed into a presentation deck it can quickly alienate your audience.

If you combine your expertise with a deck-full of well-considered, eye-grabbing visuals your audience will find the information easier to understand and digest.

The team at Kaizen have worked endlessly with companies to create the perfect pitch deck design, ensuring that they leave with a design that will capture their audience, engage them, and effectively display their information. 

There’s a science to it

When presenting to an audience, you need to get a lot of information across as quickly and as effectively as possible and, to do that, you need to design the information in a way that will flick that switch in people’s brains from off to on.

For example, did you know that bullet points are considered to be presentation killers? Or how about that the colours you use can evoke different emotional responses from your audience. A well-designed presentation will be able to tell a story, influence people and make information easier to digest and remember.

Essentially, there’s more to it than just words and pictures on a page, and getting it right can mean the difference between winning or losing new business.

It will reinforce your brand 

Presentation decks are essentially an extension of your company, your brand, and of you, so it needs to be consistent. If you give a presentation for a new project with a deck that looks and feels nothing like your existing business brand, then you’re going to have one confused audience.

At Kaizen, we work with a huge variety of businesses, from start up companies to fully established businesses. Each and every single pitch deck design that we create, will be bespoke and reflective of your business aims. 

Startup Pitch Deck Design

With a thriving entrepreneurial and technology industry here in Ireland, we have been fortunate to help many startups or those looking to raise capital with the design and development of their pitch decks. Our true strength is understanding the intent of your pitch deck and delivering an engaging design. This understanding, coupled with creative ability and experience puts us far beyond our competition in the marketplace.

Strategic Presentation Design

Aside from start ups, our strategic presentation design service has helped many of the brands you know and love, develop strategic communication documents for both internal and external audiences. We’re delighted to support international’s such as Coca-Cola Hellenic and Mirror Media Ireland with considered graphic design.

Powerpoint Presentation Design

As a graphic design studio with 11 graphic designers, all working in-house, we are experts in meeting deadlines, no matter how tight. While many of our pitch decks remain flat PDF files, each of our designers is proficient in Powerpoint and Keynote, ensuring that regardless of your chosen output format, the presentation / pitch deck is fully compatible with your needs.

Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we have helped many many businesses from innovative start-ups to clients like Coca-Cola, Hellenic and Mirror Media Ireland with considered graphic design and engaging presentations. As part of our design process we seek to understand the real message you are attempting to communicate with your pitch deck, and then we go about creating beautiful looking pitch decks for you to wow your audience. If you’d like a printed version to hand out after your presentation, we can also provide an exceptionally high quality print service to support your digital presentation. To find out more you can visit our pitch deck design page, or get in touch via our contact form, or by calling 02890022474.