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Importance of designing a great brochure & using it as a business marketing tool

If you are an entrepreneur, then you must be aware of what the brochure is and what its significance is. A brochure is considered as a common marketing tool used to publicize any business, its product, or services. It is […]

365 Days at KBE | Kaizen Brand Evolution

365 Days at KBE

After the first week at Kaizen I was given my first project, which was to design and build a website from scratch. Although I found the task challenging, I believe that this was the best way to enhance my skills […]


Annual report design: why it should look good?

The company’s annual report is an important document that tells about the health of any company to its stakeholders, shareholders, media publications, and your community. You can find different annual report designs, formats, and shapes. It ranges from basic typewritten […]

How design plays a part in your marketing efforts

When crunching the numbers, good design can often be considered a nice-to-have rather than a business necessity. Well, truth be told, design is as important as any other part of your business, if not more so. Great design is about […]


The difference in e-commerce and Brochure websites

Strong website design is vital for any business and organisation, not just those selling online. At Kaizen Brand Evolution we match creativity and passion with the technical capability to develop your website into one your customers will love. Online business […]

Brand Development - Kaizen Brand Evolution

Important stages of brand development that a designer has to go through

If you have established a new business and are thinking of making it popular through print media, then you must understand that this is not going to work. It is important for businesses to be present online these days. Because […]


Connect and engage your stakeholders with a nicely represented annual report

An annual report is a lengthy document that represents a comprehensive report on a company’s transactions or activities (selling & buying of products, investments, charities, etc.) throughout the preceding year. It transparently explains the expenses, profits, growth & degrowth, and […]

Motion Graphics - Explainer Videos - Horse Racing Ireland

Motion graphics – explainer videos for Horse Racing Ireland

This year has been a funny old one. We’re mid-July but it still feels like the longest March ever. At this stage we’re pretty tired of the words unprecedented and lockdown. That said, this period has been one of the […]

pitch deck

PowerPoint pitch deck dos and don’ts

A pitch deck is through which businesses, companies, and professionals try to effectively interact, influence, and engage their clients, business partners, investors, and employees with their business. We can say, it is one of the most important and valuable tools […]

pitch deck design

9 important things your business powerpoint pitch deck must contain

A pitch deck plays a vital role in businesses and industries. It helps them to easily and effectively explain to their clients and staff about their products, services, visions, achievements, status in the market, etc. Today, every business, small and […]

Why blogging for your business is so important

Getting your name out there can be tough. But, as a business, it’s vital to your long-term stability and profitability that you make your products or services known in the marketplace. While that once required a sizeable advertising budget, the […]

branding - kaizen brand evolution

What is branding?

“Branding” is one of those terms that is often misunderstood – but it’s crucial that you get it right in order to make it work for your business. People often mistake branding for simply having a logo or mark that […]

The importance of hiring a brand design agency

Generally, people misunderstand and misuse the term “Branding or Brand Designing.” They often consider branding and marketing the same thing but it’s not so. Both are completely different aspects of business promotion. Branding is simply a creation of an identification […]

How to perfect pitch deck design

As a design studio working with businesses engaged in delivering new ideas, raising awareness or indeed looking for funding for their start up, Pitch Deck Design is one of the most popular design services we undertake. We work with brands […]

Focal Media Branding

Focal Media brand & web development

Focal Media is Ireland’s leading digital solutions provider. From their headquarters in Dublin, they serve a wide range of markets including: Retail, Automotive, Hospitality and Military the experience Focal Media brings to running and managing digital signage networks is second […]

Lean Bean – brand identity

Lean Bean approached us to create a unique brand identity as the business was faced with significant growth across Dublin and Ireland. Lean Bean is a well-established Fresh Food Outlet in the centre of Dublin, serving up some of the […]

Westville Hotel – brand identity

The Westville Hotel is a longstanding boutique hotel situated in the heart of Enniskillen. For many years the Westville has grown in popularity for its diverse range of high spec rooms, service and entertainment, not to mention food outlets across […]

Boundary CrossFit – brand identity

Understanding the Brand The newest player in the CrossFit arena, ‘Boundary CrossFit’ came to us to create create a unique brand identity and system to showcase their brand new high-end facility, to help them prepare it for launch and growth […]

Making sure you have the relevant information on your website

Writing content and providing a structure for a website can be a daunting task. There is so much information to include, how do you make sure that you say everything that you need to say? And beyond this, how do […]

Marketing tips for hotels during lockdown

As marketers and business owners we are all currently faced with a unique challenge. One that has and will change our industries forever. It will change the way we do business, change how we sell our services and also change […]

Advertising design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we’re all about helping brands achieve fantastic results with smart design. Our many years of experience and expertise help us to get the very best for our amazing clients. We work closely with our clients to […]

The importance of good packaging design

No matter how good your product is, first off you need to convince consumers to buy into what you are offering – Thats where packaging design comes in. While quality is of course vital to a product’s success (or failure) […]

When is it time to update your menu design?

As a restauranteur your menu is a critical piece of brand collateral. Your menu is both a necessary requirement and a piece of marketing material. Unlike the majority of your marketing efforts, your menu will be seen by all of […]

1 Month at Kaizen Brand Evolution

Scarlett Aubrey I was hired at Kaizen Brand Evolution in January, starting the year off on the right foot. New country, new year, and a new job. At the end of last September, I decided to move away from my […]

Informe – brand identity

Rightpath Recruitment, based in Armagh approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to create a new name and identity for their brand to develop into an innovative force that makes an impact on the recruitment industry across the construction, IT and finance sectors. […]

Brogans – brand identity

PJ Brogan Opticians are a pillar in their respective communities across Lisburn and Ballynahinch, known for their expertise and reputation in optometry. This family-run business has kept ahead of the curve in terms of their offering and adapted with the […]

When is it time for a new website?

Your website is the heart of your business. And yet whenever it gets mentioned you feel the need to apologise for it. If this is you then that is probably a tell-tale sign that you need a new website. There […]

How to make your brand stand out from the crowd

In a world of ever-increasing noise, making your brand stand out from the crowd has never been so hard. There has never been so much choice and there have never been so many different ways to buy or research. So […]

branding - kaizen brand evolution

2020 – is it your time to rebrand?

Where did the last 10 years go? This is the question that has been on everyone’s lips since the turn of the decade. Ten years on and (if you’re anything like us) added a few distinguished-looking grey hairs and wrinkles. […]

Billboard Design - 48-sheet Design - Slims Healthy Kitchen

Designing a billboard to attract attention

Billboard advertising can be a little daunting for a lot of marketers. Many brands may be put off because they think billboard advertising belongs to bigger brands. They may view it as a higher risk project than other more measurable […]

Five key elements for an engaging creative annual report design

In the businesses, an annual report plays an important role in highlighting the company’s growth and other important activities throughout the year. It informs and educates the clients, partners, employees, and shareholders to see how the company has performed during […]

Kaizen Brand Evolution wins creative contract for Ulster GAA

Ulster GAA, have recently appointed Kaizen Brand Evolution as their creative agency, after a competitive tendering process. Ulster GAA is the provincial council and governing body of the Gaelic Athletic Association sports of Hurling, Gaelic football, Camogie & Handball in […]

presentation deck design. Kaizen Brand Evolution

Why your business needs a creative presentation deck design

It is very important for you to understand that, how you present is very important as what you present. So, you would never want your design to let you go down anyway. If you are not a designer, there is […]

Meet our web development team

Introducing our Web Development Team If your company is considering a website refresh, Our team brings experience and knowledge to help overcome those issues. If you are keen to improve your user experience, achieve a higher conversion rate or improve […]

5 essential qualities of a great logo design

It may seem unfair, but a great logo design can make or break a brand. While it might seem like such a small part in the grand scheme of what you have to offer, it is vital that it sticks […]


Tips to design an annual report for your business

An annual report is one of the crucial elements for every public company. It is basically a marketing opportunity for businesses as one can show their organization’s identity and vision through the annual report. Moreover, an annual report also helps […]

Brochure designing 101-tips to design captivating brochures

Know Your Objective Before looking for brochure design services and moving ahead with the designing process, take your time and have a clear vision about the objective of the brochure. Are you going to promote a concert, a newly launched […]

Branding is important

Why branding is important for business success

Branding is one of the most important things in a business. It is basically a marketing strategy under which the business creates a name along with a symbol or a design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. […]

How to build a more premium brand

Building a more premium brand is more easily said than done and moving from one type of brand to another brings with it a series of potential hurdles such as the challenge of; Adapting internal processes Adapting long-standing employees Overcoming […]

Logo Design, Kaizen Brand Evolution

What is the process of designing a logo

Have you ever seen a big brand without a logo? No, because there is no brand that does not have a personal logo design. It is true, that through the logo design your customers will perceive your brand. In order […]

Horse Racing Ireland & Kaizen Brand Evolution

Horse Racing Ireland

Horse Racing Ireland have appointed Kaizen Brand Evolution to deliver Graphic Design Services to promote Irish thoroughbred horse racing internationally, following a competitive tendering process. Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) are the national authority for thoroughbred horse racing in Ireland. They […]

Website Design, Kaizen Brand Evolution

The necessary elements of a great website

When we think of great website design, we tend to think of the websites that have done something a little (or a lot) different. We tend to think of websites that incorporate a background video, sliding graphics, animations, big and […]

Choosing colours and fonts that fit your brand

How to choose colours and fonts that fit your brand Choosing the right colours and fonts for your brand is about more than just going for something that looks kind of nice and appeals to you personally. And while this […]

Brand Development - Kaizen Brand Evolution

When to revamp your design portfolio

You’re proud of the work you have produced over the years, and your design portfolio provides a little glimpse into a history of your professional working life. Almost like moving house, or having a clear-out of some of your belongings, […]

What makes a good design portfolio?

Having a great design portfolio can be the difference between winning and losing at your next pitch. A sharp well thought out, and tailored portfolio will make you stand out from the crowd and can help you put your best […]

The power of branding

Branding can mean the difference between winning over your customers or losing them. It can be the difference between being known and unknown, trusted or put off. But why is branding such a powerful tool for your business? Here’s our […]

Branding, Kaizen Brand Evolution, Belfast

Branding design process

The top brands all have a few key things in common. They provide an exceptional customer experience at every possible customer touchpoint. They keep their employees happy and they have a memorable brand. Whether it’s Starbucks, Nike, Apple or Google, […]

Using branding to grow your business

Your brand is more than selecting a few colours and deciding upon a font that you like, your branding is the gateway to your business. It tells your audience and your customers who you are and what you stand for. […]

How does branding help marketing?

How branding and marketing work together. Branding is all important to marketing. Without a strong brand then any number of marketing activities can fail before they’ve even got off the ground. Great branding on the other hand, tells your audience […]

How to create the perfect pitch deck

Firstly, what is a pitch deck? A pitch deck is a set of designed presentation slides used for the purposes of presenting information to an audience. Typically pitch decks are presented on platforms like Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote by Apple.  […]

Whiterock Finance – Website design & development

Working with businesses across almost every conceivable market sector, we get to understand and learn from many of the most innovative business people across the country. We also get to work within Industries that support this development and innovation within […]

BeyondHR – Brand identity

BeyondHR focus on a relationships based approach to Human Resources, their headquarters are based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, with another office based in Glasgow, Scotland. Previously named Personnel and Training Services (PTS), our rebranding project was undertaken to reposition the […]

365 days at KBE

This year has been the most challenging, yet rewarding and enjoyable year of my time at university. The industry experience I’ve gained while being on placement at KBE has been invaluable and just as importantly the work has been thoroughly […]

Fusion Antibodies – Brand identity

A refresh of one of the world’s most recognised Antibody Humization brands with updates to the iconic antibody mark and a design language that allows the brand to live outside of the lab. Fusion Antibodies is one of the world’s […]

Best accessories for designers

When it comes to graphic design, obviously the main tools you are going to be using are your software, for example, the Adobe Creative Cloud software package and your choice of machine, whether it is a laptop or desktop computer. […]

Whiterock Finance – Brand identity

Whiterock Finance are an independent alternative funding company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Previously named Whiterock Capital Partners, our brand audit project was undertaken to reposition the business within current and new markets. Traditionally such businesses are branded in a […]

Digital marketing: starter guide

I think it is safe to make the assumption that we now live in a digital world. When things like AR and VR are becoming more and more common in the real world, it’s hard not to notice. The way […]

Belfast business awards – finalist

As many of you know, we’re not normally the ones to shout about our own greatness. Rather the king maker than the king! However with this year being one of big change within the studio, we decided as a company […]

Graphic design – the what and how

Many of our clients have historically know our business for its brand development projects. However there are a large proportion of our clients who task Kaizen Brand Evolution with the day to day graphic design services that keep their marketing […]

Typography: The important bits and what it means to design

When making your way into the world of graphic design or when working with a graphic designer on a project, one of the most important elements that you will come across is that of Typography. Typography is stated like this:  […]

International brand coverage at the National Stadium

Wednesday past saw the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers start with Northern Ireland winning 2-0 over Estonia. Yeooow! Now that that’s out of the way, some of our studio was in attendance for the match and were treated to the visual […]

What are the aspects of a rebrand?

Taking on a rebrand is a serious commitment. You need to be sure that this is what’s needed for your business to move forward but also that you know what you need before going into it. It may seem daunting, […]

The importance of design in leaflets and flyers

Leaflets and flyers are used by many businesses across the world, whether they are advertising a new product or talking about the services that they offer. However, when it comes to a flyer it is important to make sure that […]

Where to start Branding for a small business?

Every business has to start somewhere, as they aim to become the market leader in their industry. One thing that will help them do this, almost more than anything else is their brand. It is vital for anyone, whether you […]

How important is a Brand?

We’ll start with the obvious: Branding is very, very important for any business. There isn’t any ‘might’ or ‘could be’, it just IS. But why is it important? What does a brand do for you and your business exactly? Within […]

Investor Pitch Deck Design – Fyre

If you were recently enthralled by the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix, you’ll certainly have some questions about the investors and how they came to the decision to invest in the “Greatest Festival That Never Happened”. Below as you can […]

Apples & Mermaids Round-Up

At the end of January, we here at Kaizen Brand Evolution held our first event/workshop of the year, titled Apples & Mermaids. This was a workshop detailing the importance the logos play in our lives and just how important they […]

Tips on working with a Graphic Designer

As expert graphic designers in Belfast, we have helped thousands of businesses with their creative projects. From full brand development to basic flyer design no project is too large or too small. Engaging with a graphic designer for the first […]

Town – brand development, website design & social media

When branding a new venue, whether restaurant, hotel, nightclub or bar, thee are considerations we must make as your branding partner. Our initial discussion will focus on customer demographics, market opportunities and the heritage of the business in the case […]

November round-up: Belfast Design Week

November was a busy month for all of us here at Kaizen Brand Evolution as we had not 1 but 2 events on. These were during Belfast Design week at the beginning of the month, with one of them even […]

Why is typography important

Here in the Kaizen Brand Evolution studio, we use typography every single day in our work. In every brand that we generate, on every website that we design and in every logo that we create, it’s always there and always […]

Glo – Brand Creation

Recently we branded Glo Beauty, a new Beauty Salon in Belfast. This undertaking included: full brand development, logo design website design and social media campaigns. The client’s ambition was to create a modern beauty salon offering a customer service in […]

Watch out for these pitfalls when designing brochures

When it comes to Brochures, they can often be one of the best pieces of marketing material that you can own. For something being quite small, it can be so important, as they can carry a lot of important information, […]

The Number 3 – Brand Identity

The Number Three is a traditional Bar & Restaurant based in Limerick with a contemporary audience. Previously trading as Tom & Jerry’s it has since changed owners, the new proprietors wanted a brand to reflect the new services that they […]

Planning your website project

When you own a business, it is safe to assume that you have at least thought about the idea of having a website. It is a good idea, as in this day and age nearly everything is online, and having […]

Why hire a design agency?

Kaizen Brand Evolution was born nearly 4 years ago as its own stand-alone studio under the Kaizen moniker. It is the job of Kaizen Brand Evolution to help our clients even further. If a client wants a completely new brand, […]

What a logo says about your business

A logo does the talking for you; it’s your salesperson in the room when you’re not there, it’s your badge of honour, your declaration that you run a successful brand. A logo can ‘say’ these things correctly for you as […]

United Wines – Brand Identity

United Wine Merchants approached the brand team at Kaizen Brand Evolution with the objective of repositioning their brand identity and communications to be more in line with their unique service, product and reputation. With over 36 years in business, United […]

The importance of a logo

A logo is a symbol that is synonymous with your brand, a sign of your business, your seal of approval and more often than not, the key for a consumer’s decision making. In a world that is saturated with branding […]

Sports Medicine NI – Branding

Sports Medicine NI approached Kaizen Brand Evolution wishing to create a new brand to go with their new premises in Windsor Park. In their own words “Sports Medicine NI offers a comprehensive management service for athlete injury and health. Using […]

How often should you change your logo/brand?

Changing a business’s logo or brand can bring a number of feelings to the surface. It can spark debate, raise opinion and change feelings amongst staff, clients and competitors alike, this leads us to the question of ‘how often you […]

Logos – What makes a logo work?

A Logo is Simplicity, Flexibility and Attraction. If you want to say something about the business you want to keep it simple as not to alienate or worse make someone feel stupid. You need a logo to be flexible and […]

How much does a rebrand cost?

How much does a rebrand cost? This cost of a rebrand is reflective of how much value it can bring to your business. In order for us as brand designers to evaluate this, it is very important to understand what […]

The benefits of the rebrand

One of the most powerful and effective times to re-brand is when a business sees a great change in circumstance, a takeover, a merger a new product line or direction. The benefits of rebranding now are so you have the […]

McQuillan Companies – Brand Identity

McQuillan companies approached the branding team at Kaizen Brand Evolution to re-position and revitalise their brand identity. The family-owned business is well established across Northern Ireland and is specialists in civil engineering, quarrying, waste management and outdoor cleaning services to […]

3 Signs That You Need A New Logo

3 signs that you need a new logo A Logo may be made of type, they could have a mascot or a symbol, logos could have hidden meanings or monograms, negative space or a smile. Logos are power, they are […]

Tonic Pharmacy – Branding

Tonic is a friendly, caring Pharmacy based in the heart of Derry/Londonderry. The Pharmacy began in February 1987 with John MacCafferty (originally with the name MacCafferty’s Chemist) with a belief that focusing on the delivery of a personal customer experience. […]

Blast 106 FM Brand Development

Belfast’s most music station Blast FM approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to design and develop a new brand identity system for their group of radio stations across the UK and Ireland. Blast FM has been live on air for a number […]

Harlow Brand Identity

The client’s ambition was to supply top of the line Italian and Scandinavian fashions online with an eventual ‘bricks and mortar’ store in Northern Ireland.  The brand had no name, identity, narrative or visual strategy. It was our job to […]

GB Poultry Brand Development

The family business of GB Poultry contacted Kaizen Brand Evolution wanting to their refresh the identity of their well known brand. GB stands for Gregory Bell which is the family name of the business established since 1982 that has been […]

Belfast Mens Health Logo Design

Belfast Men’s Health Group (BMHG) is made up a group of people across the community of Belfast and volunteer organisations across Northern Ireland, all with a strong interest in the health and well being of men, by raising awareness of […]

Day & Age – Brand Development

Day and Age, creators of short films, use video to make sure the little moments are never forgotten. Kathryn approached Kaizen Brand Evolution when she wanted to steer Day and Age in a new direction, when she wanted to hand […]

Graze, Belfast – Brand Audit & Logo Refresh

Graze is a restaurant based in Ballyhackamore, East Belfast. They love serving tasty little dishes (also know as tapas). These dishes are full of flavours using quality local produce, paired with your favourite wines. Graze is a great place to […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Dawn

1.What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? The main thing it’s taught me is adaptability. The world of design is fast moving and it’s so important to evolve with it and to be able […]

Code Fixer – Branding

Codefixer are a small web design and development company based on the Malone Road, Belfast. They design websites for a range of clients  across many different industries all over Ireland. Codefixer are one of the few companies that specialise in […]

Active Health – Brand Development

Holywood based Active Health Solutions approached the team at Kaizen Brand Evolution to reposition their brand identity to tie in with their plans to build a new website and a re-fit to their facility on Hibernia Street. Investment into their […]

Mongey Communications – Branding

Mongey Communications tasked the Kaizen Brand Evolution studio with a full company rebrand of their hugely successful communications business based in Co. Kildare. The work that Mongey carry out is instantly recognisable across the island of Ireland with reach across […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Dean

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? From only being here a week, I’ve noticed how fast-paced the studio can be, you always need to be on the ball. 2. Desert Island Design […]

Offset 2018 – 5 reasons to attend a design conference

In 2009 Dublin opened it’s doors to a new and exciting conference for design creatives. Starting out in the Liberty Hall, with 411 seats to fill, the Offset festival has significantly grown. The conference now takes over the Bord Gáis […]


Poppogoblin are a healthy focussed café/juice bar situated on Alfred St, Belfast. They have garnered a reputation for fantastic, delicious healthy alternatives for lunch and for having warm friendly staff that make the entire experience with Poppogoblin one to remember. […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Ciara

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? Other than all the practical do’s and don’ts, form and function.  Working in Kaizen Brand Evolution has taught me a lot about the customer focus, everyone […]

ISTD 2018

Founded in 1928 by Vincent Steer, ISTD has pioneering roots. From as early as 1911 Steer described himself as an ‘advertising typographer’ on his business card. His background in printing had given him the opportunity to observe the trade in […]

Boyd Rice Solicitors

Directors Neil and Ben took the decision to rebrand an established firm Boyd Rice as they took control, naturally they spoke to us!  They wanted to stands out against competitors and announce that they have changed directorship. Boyd Rice aimed […]

Evolve your business with design thinking #ImWithTheBrand

Design solves business problems; it’s that simple. Struggling to reach your target audience? Join us for the 4th event in our #ImWithTheBrand series, where we’ll take you through our full design process and help you grow your business with design thinking. […]

Backlash Burger

Backlash is a brand new culinary offering in Belfast, serving up the meatiest, freshest burgers paired with beautiful craft beer and ale, what more could you ask for? Backlash is exciting new venture from local food tycoon Gary McIldowney that […]

The Skinny Sauce Company

The Skinny Sauce Company approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to create an engaging brand identity and packaging strategy for the launch of their exciting new Skinny Sauce product range. The brand story begins with the owner and entrepreneur Maria Doran. Maria’s […]

Naturally Rosie

Rosie came to Kaizen Brand Evolution seeking a brand for her Naturally Rosie naturally hand-made animal products, a balm for animals paws, an oil for fur and a toothpaste for their gums. Rosie has been selling her products at local […]

Belfast Central Business District

We successfully won the Belfast City Centre Management pitch to create a brand identity for the new Belfast Central Business District. Following the success of Belfast City Centre Management establishing Belfast One as Belfast’s first Business Improvement District (BID) on […]

Punchestown Racecourse

Punchestown approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to perform a re-brand for their established and celebrated racecourse and entertainment venue. We re-positioned the Punchestown brand by creating an engaging narrative and strategy for the business. With focus on the new ‘Town’ campaign […]

NIce Design #ImWithTheBrand

Northern Ireland is known for punching above its weight in many industries, and design is no exception. Join us for #NIceDesign, the third installment of our #ImWithTheBrand event series. Four creatives from across Northern Ireland will come together to share […]

KBE Upcoming Events

We’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of us, so here’s the full run down on what we’re up to in November. / Belfast Design Week / Helvetica Screening / 08.11.17 First up, we have a few events at Belfast […]


Richie Lavery is an established photographer specialising in all aspects of high-end imaging, from portraiture and architectural to interior and exterior photography. Richie’s business has gained some major traction since working across Northern Ireland on high spec building projects and […]

Giant serviced apartments

Giant Property approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to brand their Serviced Apartments business. Offering some of the best locations across Northern Ireland and Belfast Giant Serviced Apartments where established online running under the Giant Property brand identity. As the business evolved […]

Watch Tech

Watch Portfolio Management is a well-established business specialising in financial guidance with many clients reaching from the UK to Australia. Watch Portfolio Management is based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, and is known for their financial advice that leads businesses that […]

Join us for our next Brand Masterclass

A few months ago we hosted our first ever brand masterclass in association with Women in Business NI. It was so successful that we’ve decided to host a few more masterclass sessions, starting with our “3 Steps to a Successful Brand” […]

The Cookie Jar

The Cookie Jar is a well-established bakery situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Mourne Mountains. Since 1965 The Cookie Jar have been baking some of the country’s best known breads and sweet treats, from Wheaten bread to Soda bread, […]

Jane McClenaghan

Jane McClenaghan owner of Vital Nutrition – Northern Irelands leading nutrition and healthy lifestyle brand approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to create an identity for herself in preparation for Jane’s evolution as a leading, national healthy lifestyle consultant. Jane has featured […]

1 Month At KBE!

During my final year studying BDes Hons Graphic Design and Illustration at Belfast School of Art, I was given the opportunity to work part time at Kaizen Brand Evolution. I finished my degree and completed my end of year show […]

Telling your brand story

Every brand meet we have with a client or potential client focuses on one theme: Telling your story! Whether you are a nutritionist, a pet food manufacturer, a restaurant owner or a marketing manager, it’s our job to help you […]

Women in Business Masterclass

On 6 June I had the pleasure of addressing an array of Women in Business members on the Importance of Branding at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belfast. The opportunity to present to such a prestigious gathering of female entrepreneurs and […]

A Year in the life of KBE

One year on from my graduation and finishing final year of BA Hons Graphic Design and Illustration in Ulster University Belfast, I find myself working in Kaizen Brand Evolution for one full year. The time has truly flew in! I […]

Little Hands Little Feet

Little Hands Little Feet are a leading day-care and afterschool facility that pride themselves on providing a fun, safe environment right in the heart of South Belfast. We’ve been working with Little Hands Little Feet for a number of years, […]

University of Ulster Degree Shows 2017

On Thursday 2nd of June our Design Director, Ryan Stanfield, and Head of Brand, Lynsay Spence, got the opportunity to have a sneak preview of the annual University of Ulster Graphic Design and Illustration Degree show! Invited to a lunchtime […]

Web design for Belfast Music Production Academy

The team behind Belfast Music Production Academy contacted us recently with the request to design and build their online presence. After researching the marketplace both online and locally we decided to build a content led website focusing on the courses […]

ISTD 2017

On 1 April this year I travelled to DIT Grangegorman to meet up with old friends and colleagues in the International Society of Typographic Designers for the Irish ISTD Assessments. It’s full day of assessing student submissions from the island […]

Down Royal Racecourse – Brand Audit

We’ve been working closely with The Down Royal Racecourse over the past few years creating engaging advertising campaigns, race festival materials and digital ads. On the run up to the 2017 Summer Festival the Down Royal Racecourse approached Kaizen Brand […]

The evolution of Brand

Evolution is defined online as ‘the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth’ or ‘the gradual development of something.’ It is a term that we […]

Offset 2017-02-22

Stand back! We’re ready to create something! The KBE team is rejuvenated and inspired after a weekend in Dublin for #OFFSET2017. iloveoffset.com. This was our third year as a creative team at one of the top design conferences, OFFSET. Last […]

Loco Pizza

Loco approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to create a contemporary brand identity, menus, website and interior graphics for their fresh new pizza place situated in the East Point Entertainment Village, Dundonald. Loco’s mantra ‘mad about pizza’ highlights their passion for great […]

Offset 2017- Our top 5 speakers

Who are you most excited about for this year’s #offsetDUB? Here is the run down of our top picks for this year’s Offset. The ultimate set of design talks hosted in Dublin, bringing together some of the best names in […]

Branding Solv-ed

Solv got in touch with us with plans to undertake a brand audit. They required an update to the established identity to keep them ahead of the curve. Solv pride themselves on offering a personal service. Engineers turn up on […]

Breda Academy’s refreshed identity

Breda Academy required a fresh brand identity to set them apart from their competitors as part of the 2017 marketing cycle. Breda approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to create a refreshing brand campaign that spoke to their three key audiences, future […]

Wonderwall by Noblett’s

The owners of Wonderwall by Nobletts approached Kaizen Brand Evolution with the vision of re-branding their well-respected and established business in the heart of Belfast City Centre. Nobletts are a Long-standing family-run shop with 2 floors of paint, wallpaper, brushes […]

Branding The Future

We were approached by Adam / Founder and Director of the Future 17 Conference to develop a new brand identity and strategy for the up and coming tech conference for teens. Future was born out of frustration at the lack […]


Here at Kaizen Brand Evolution we are big music and fashion fans, so are eager to participate in this year’s ‘Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day’ by Radio 6 on the 25th November. We have our tees picked out, […]

Design of the Boojum Food Truck

This month in Kaizen Brand Evolution we had the pleasure of working on the concepts and design of Boojum’s brand new offering –The Boojum Food Truck. The Food truck is now available for bookings across the whole of Ireland for […]

Collaborating & creating with Down Royal Racecourse

The Down Royal Racecourse has long been a stage for some of the most exciting spectacles in Northern Ireland, and this is exactly what we try to capture when we produce work for them. One of the most exciting projects […]

Staying Healthy by Working Together

Slim’s Healthy Kitchen is one of the longest standing clients on the Kaizen Brand Evolution roster. Since their fruition, we have developed the brand, from the brand identity, tone of voice and brand personality to their website, social media design, […]

The power of Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most powerful ways of communicating today, short and sweet bursts of messages between you and a friend on your phone that disappear before you have a chance to react, it’s the fast-paced engagement and the […]

Top of the Pops this week

Design and Music go hand in hand and we are certainly inspired by the creativity of the music we listen to in and out of the studio. This week we’ve asked the graphic design studio to show us what music has […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Shaleen

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? In the few months that I’ve been at Kaizen Brand Evolution, I have learnt about presenting for design and how to present a client’s brief back […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Ryan

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry?  Reputation is everything, building a good reputation across industry in invaluable and keeping the creative momentum simply nurtures the reputation. 2. Desert Island Design Studio, which typeface […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Lizi

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? KBE has taught me to always push myself to do the best – What I personally think is best for the design project I am undertaking. It […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Jordan

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? Probably how to manage time more effectively. There are so many things going on in the studio ranging right the way through from client graphic design work, […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Lynsay

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? That it is the team that you build around you and the studio culture that you craft that can be credited for the success of a studio. It’s that, that […]

Meet our evolutionaries – Vicki

1. What has working in Kaizen Brand Evolution taught you about the design industry? You need to be fast, accurate and very, very good. I learn so much each day in the studio, and thankfully have a supportive and talented and […]

GHBranded Culture Night 2016

Thank you to everyone who came down to GHBranded for Culture Night 2016. Super fun night branding your Social Media accounts! Everyone’s photos can be found here: bit.ly/GHBrandedPhotos Please tag, link and share your images, and of course use them […]

Get Twitter Branded

On Friday 16 September Culture Night Belfast 2016, we are offering to “Get Him/Her Branded”. Kaizen Brand Evolution raises the profiles of clients we work with and so we are setting up a mini version of our process to enhance […]

Get Instagram Branded

On Friday 16 September Culture Night Belfast 2016, we are offering to “Get Him/Her Branded”. Kaizen Brand Evolution raises the profiles of clients we work with and so we are setting up a mini version of our process to enhance […]

Get LinkedIn Branded

On Friday 16 September Culture Night Belfast 2016, we are offering to “Get Him/Her Branded”. Kaizen Brand Evolution raises the profiles of clients we work with and so we are setting up a mini version of our process to enhance […]

Get Facebook Branded

On Friday 16 September Culture Night Belfast 2016, we are offering to “Get Him/Her Branded”. Kaizen Brand Evolution raises the profiles of clients we work with and so we are setting up a mini version of our process to enhance […]

Mozilla – Open Source Logo Design

‘Open sourcing’ or perhaps ‘open publicity’, we couldn’t help but be curious to see the concepts being considered and there annotations on reasoning. Whilst we appreciate a much greater strategy may be propping up the concepts behind the scenes and […]

Let’s talk about the Rio logo

The Rio logo was unveiled on News Year’s Day in 2011. Designed to represent the citizens of Rio De Janeiro, and to showcase the nation to the world. Since then there has been negative press surrounding the games, fears of kidnapping, […]

Boojum, store No.7 opening night

Boojum Belfast celebrated the opening of their seventh store last night and they invited the KBE studio to explore the store, sample the Burritos and more. It was an fantastic atmosphere. The new Great Victoria Street premises are certainly very […]

Panacea in Vogue and online

We love seeing a brand do so well from its fruition in the Kaizen Brand Evolution Studio. Working closely with Panacea Drinks in their brand evolution has proven a massive success for the company with features in Vogue magazine, tastings […]

Reuben’s tasty new website

We love when businesses grow and reach new levels of success through hard work and considered business direction. It’s our goal to help them get there through great graphic design and web site design. Today we’d like to show how […]

It’s all black and white?

– A New Mobile Design Trend Coined as Complexion Reduction by Michael Horton (UX/UI Designer at Swarm) this stark, monotone, type led mobile design trend of 2016 has seen companies such as Instagram, Airbnb and Apple climbing aboard. The design […]

Comber Pharmacy Branding

The owners of Parker Pharmacy desired to re-brand their business to appeal to the communities in which they were situated. With the name change to Comber Pharmacy they required a modern brand identity with a nod to the classic branding […]

Shebelle’s Brand Identity

Shebelle required a brand identity to reflect high end, ethically sourced hair extensions and associated beauty products. During a temple ritual in India women donate their hair to the gods. The temples used to burn this high quality human hair but now they […]

Robert Roberts

We had the pleasure of working closely with Robert Roberts on their brand and marketing materials recently. With the launch of their new range of flavours, based on famous landmarks across Northern Ireland we designed the advertising campaigns. Using the […]

Hootsuite Conference

This week Hootsuite hosted a rather interesting conference. There were exhibit stands, a networking get together and talks held in a conference room, the difference being it was all done online. In the talks we listened on how to effectively […]

Power of Video

The Power of Video Conference was held on Monday 6th June in the newly finished Waterfront Belfast and brought together some of the internet’s biggest stars, including Casey Neistat (Youtuber of the year) and our very own Cian Twomey (Facebook […]

Hot night for hot design!

On Friday eve our team popped down to the annual University of Ulster Degree Shows to see the latest talent emerging from Graphic Design in Belfast. It was a pleasure as always to catch up with course tutors, Richard McElveen, […]

Sylvester’s is open

Belfasts’ newest restaurant, Sylvester’s approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to create a contemporary brand identity and logo design which celebrated the owner’s late grandfather ‘Sylvester.’ They required a brand identity that reflected the close knit family atmosphere that the owners pride […]

Pride of Ireland

Mirror Media approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to give the prestigious Pride of Ireland Awards a brand refresh. They required brand identity, strategy and direction for print, online and event material. The Awards ceremony celebrates the achievements of Ireland’s unsung heroes. […]

Vandal opening night

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see a brand created in the Kaizen Brand Evolution go live. Working with the management at White’s Tavern we designed the brand identity for Vandal. On Friday night the Kaizen Brand Evolution team […]

SRC end of year shows

On Tuesday night we had the honour of congratulating Sinead McGreevy on completing an HND in Graphic Design at South Regional College. Sinead had been gaining experience in our studio for over 6 months and had been an asset to […]

Ooh & Aah Website

Freshly baked GIANT cookies, as fond lovers of sweet things in our office, we knew this website was going to be right up out street. With Ooh and Aah (sister company of Little Treats NI) required an e-commerce website that […]

French Village Catering Website

The French Village Bakery brand is one that we have evolved from conception, when the guys at French Village Catering came to us to discuss building a website, it was one we couldn’t wait to get started on! The French […]

Love it or Hate it?

Love or hate it, the new Instagram logo design is certainly creating a big fuss worldwide. Dubbed “A New Look For Instagram”, the brand has updated the look and feel of their identity both through their appstore icon and the […]

Slim’s Healthy Kitchen No.4

From the very inception of the Slim’s Healthy Kitchen idea, Kaizen Brand Evolution have been creative partners providing all manner of brand support from identity and brand language, to marketing and strategic positioning for all stakeholder communications. For many clients, our service goes […]

Babble Brand Identity

Babble required a forward thinking brand identity that showcased them as the one stop shop for a career in the call centre industry. As well as the launch of their Babble Jobs brand (online jobs board) they required an accompanying […]

Nuovo Ristorante

Jordanstown Village will soon boast a nuovo ristorante! Working closely with the team at Bureau by the Lough to expand their offering and launch an Italian experience, we conducted a naming process incorporating some design thinking picked up at the […]

Boojum, Cinco De Mayo

Boojum approached us to create a concept for the launch of their new ‘Win a trip to Mexico’ Campaign for Cinco De Mayo. We developed an online and printed campaign strategy that revolved around a ‘holiday tag.’ Using the tag […]

Brand evolution of White’s Tavern

The owners of the White’s Tavern came to us with an idea to brand the floor above the traditional Irish pub into a one of a kind bar/eatery. Stepping away from the long-standing tradition of White’s the new addition was […]

Offset 2016

Offset is a massive design conference hosted in Dublin, this year saw record numbers of attendees from across the globe. We were treated to hear from all sectors of the creative industries, makers at the top of their game, discussing their […]

Offset 2016, our top 5 speakers…

Who are you most excited about for this year’s #offsetDUB? Here is the run down of our top picks for this year’s Offset. The ultimate set of design talks hosted in Dublin, bringing together some of the best names in […]

Cache, discussing the creative community

Last week we attended Cache. An event designed to discuss bringing together the creative industries under one banner, hosted by Noribic at the Mac in Belfast. We were greeted with smiles, wine, and music by local singer/songwriters Travis is a […]

Talking Brand

Senior designer Ryan Stanfield popped into BBC Radio Ulster ‘Good Morning Ulster’ this morning to talk brand. How it’s come about It has been built on a solid foundation of 6 years of creativity, the studio was producing work across the island of […]

International Society of Typographic Designers 2016

I travelled to DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) Grangegorman last weekend, 5 March 2016 for the Annual ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) Student Assessment. Every year design students from across Ireland take part in what Erik Spiekermenn described ‘The […]

Sylvester’s – Brand

Sylvester’s needed a contemporary brand identity that held up the legacy of the owner’s Grandfather ’Sylvester.’ The new Belfast eatery is a full circle restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and evening meals in style. The owner’s family have a longstanding hospitality […]

Girl Power

Kaizen Brand Evolution join Women in Business We are excited to be part of Women in Business, one of the largest and ever growing business network’s for females in Northern Ireland. Lynsay from a design perspective, and Glenda from sales are […]

BBC Digital

Connecting Homes Roadshow Here’s one you don’t get everyday! Lizi Daley from our Digital team has been working with BBC Digital and Farset Labs to create an interactive roadshow showing the evolution of digital technology in the home. The walk […]

Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk

Valuing brand with Robert Bau Tuesday saw the alarm clocks set for 3.30am for Glenda and Lynsay as they embarked on a road trip to Dublin to attend a workshop hosted by the Institute of Designer’s Ireland with guest speaker […]

The value of Design

At Kaizen Brand Evolution it’s our job to communicate our skills and services eloquently to our clients. Selling a “non-tangible” product makes our jobs harder initially, but much easier upon completion when the work speaks for itself. Our Client Showcase […]

Harry Pearce Pentagram

On Dec 10 2015 the design team at Kaizen Brand Evolution took a trip to the Connor Lecture theatre at Ulster University for a talk by Pentagram’s Harry Pearce. The University of Ulster Design department really pulled it out of […]

Hisssssssss!!! They’re Coming!

This week our creative team have been having some fun coming up with campaign ideas to make Sprite as synonymous to St Patrick’s day as Coke is to Christmas. After a brainstorming session that aired ideas across the team we […]

Mourne Mountains Brewery

The Mourne Mountains Brewery approached the team at Kaizen Brand Evolution for some creative concepts for the up and coming launch of their festive spiced lager. Naturally we jumped at the chance to pitch for the client, working with such […]

Slim’s Healthy Kitchen Cookbook

Kaizen Brand Evolution created the branding and designed every touch point you will see from Slims Healthy Kitchen, Slims being one of our longest standing clients, a client that is constantly growing, succeeding and as Slim grows in business as […]

Nurturing creativity

Southern Regional College We have embarked on a partnership with Southern Regional College to work with students who are undertaking the graphic design course. To help develop industry skills and prepare students for live in a studio we are submitting […]

Web Design for Boojum, Belfast, Dublin and Galway

Ireland’s premier burrito bar and Mexican fast food restaurant Boojum, are firm favourites in the KBE studio. Friday is most definitely a Boojum day, as is Monday and a regular late night. We’re fully fledged #boojumaddicts and proud. When the […]

Brand creation For Friends Daycare & Nursery

Watching our customers move into different markets and business ventures is amazing and we’re always happy to assist with their own business development. The owners of Friends Daycare & Nursery, Belfast approached us to develop the brand for their new […]

Slim’s Healthy Kitchen, Belmont Road – Design Belfast

Gary came to us for the launch of his new Belmont Road Store in Belfast, the third Slims Healthy Kitchen in Belfast. Gary was approaching on new territory and we prepared a number of brand progression scenarios for him. The brand […]

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce – Twitter with Nick Pickles

Today myself and Vicki were invited to the lovely setting of the Grand Opera House in Belfast where Nick Pickles of Twitter was discussing the ins and outs of twitter. As usual the Chamber put on a great spread for […]

Changing markets!

‘St George’s Market Bar & Grill’ becomes ‘George’s of the Market’ Our creative team relish creating brands as much as turning around inherited brands. George’s of the Market logo was presented to us as a blank canvas to create the […]

Voice Box Awards NI

Voice Box is Northern Ireland’s national joke competition for school pupils, designed to raise awareness among children of the fun and importance of communication by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. Our challenge was to consider a new approach […]

Relax… you’re almost there

The next time you are travelling from Belfast international airport we hope you are well Fed & Watered! Our brief was to inject some soul into the outlet whilst protecting the balance of the customers perception of a high end […]

Content is King!

Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Annual Ireland Board Chair’s Lunch Exploring the phenomenon that context is replacing content as King of the Digital Marketplace, Lynsay Spence and Connor McAuley attended the event hosted at Malmaison Hotel Belfast. Guest speaker, Chris Fielding-Martin, […]

Simon Brien, Belfast – Website Launch Design

Simon Brien Estate Agents approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to design the advertising campaign for the Launch of their brand new website. Simon Brien are a forward thinking company with an extensive history in the Northern Ireland real estate industry and […]

International Society of Typographic Designers

The International Society of Typographic designer’s is the staple for excellence in worldwide typography. This year I was invited to assess the Irish submissions for the Awards. The assessments involved a full day at DIT Grangegorman with Ireland’s top design […]

University of Ulster Degree Shows 2015

The team at Kaizen Brand Evolution had the opportunity have a sneak preview of the 2015 student submissions for the graphic design and illustration courses final year exhibitions at the University of Ulster Belfast in the afternoon before the big […]

Ciara from Snax ’n the City knows good food!

Long term city centre client  Snax ’n the City approached us to rethink how their food-to-go bags could look. Briefing there desire to move away brown bags, we set about exploring new ways for the brand packaging to evolve. We […]

Everyday’s A School Day at KBE!

Hootsuite University Congratulations to Vicki, from our digital team, who graduated from the Hootesuite University. Hootsuite’s education and certification programmes are developed by industry-leading experts and feature up-to-date resources to drive meaningful results on social media. This management tool allows […]

Boost North West 200 Design

Boost Energy drinks have been working with Kaizen Brand Evolution in the design and development of localised advertising campaigns for the past year. Boost needed an eye-catching campaign for the North West 200 that spoke to bikers and the general public […]

Fully Fledged at the Institute of Designer’s in Ireland!

IDI Registration The Institute of Designer’s Ireland is Ireland’s largest and oldest association of design professionals. Our creative team are proud to be members of the Institute as a studio collective with Senior Designers Ryan Stanfield and Lynsay Spence qualifying […]


When it comes to design religion the creative community pray south, towards Offset. It is a pilgrimage for the Kaizen Brand Evolution studio every year, trumping birthdays, Christmas and St Paddys’ day for the top spot in the calendar year. […]

Ministry of Sound Pitch – CD Cover Design

Kaizen Brand Evolution were asked to develop design concepts for the release of two of Ministry of Sounds new CD releases – Throwback and the Ibiza Sessions 2015. We designed the concepts from brief and were successfully awarded positioning of […]

Boost – St Patrick’s Day

Boost St Patricks Day Graphic Design With Boost Energy Drinks being a market leader in independent retailers across Ireland they approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to develop an advertising campaign to link St Patrick’s Day with Boost. We set out to […]

McCartney’s of Moira

McCartney’s Butchers of Moira approached Kaizen Brand Evolution to Design and develop their marketing materials in store. They required new menu design for the Deli and high impact posters and signage throughout. McCartney’s are a world famous brand with award […]

Buns on the Run!

French Village Bakery Delivery Fleet French Village Bakery are expanding their fleet of livery to deliver their tempting treats from the bakery to their Botanic Bistro and across Northern Ireland to their hospitality clients. Our brand team worked on concepts […]

Ooh & Aah Bakery

Little Treats NI were an established baking company with plans to re-launch a cookie-based company known as ‘Ooh & Aah’. Their tastes for brand direction lay in contemporary French design and with this we pitched 3 brand concepts. The Ooh […]

Slim’s Healthy Mini Kitchen – Victoria Square

Slim took on the pod in Victoria Square Belfast as a brand new venture. His plan was to turn the old Victoria square kiosk and transform it into a one-stop juice bar for shoppers. The idea was great and we […]

Bakehouse Belfast – Branding

Bakehouse Belfast approached Kaizen Brand Evolution for a branding project to set them apart as the top B2B supplier of baked goods across Ireland. Already established in some of the countries top hotels they required a fresh brand that would […]

NI Design Alliance – Making Things Better

with NI Design Alliance We are proud to be part of Northern Ireland Design Alliance, a group of practising professionals who believe that great design makes things better for people. That’s what we do at Kaizen Brand Evolution, we pride […]

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo Design

The release of the new logo for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 sparked the interest of the Kaizen Brand evolution studio and here’s some thoughts on the mark itself. The logo comprises four geometric shapes forming a T, L, R […]

SBD Events Website

A long time customer, SBD Events, came to us with a unique challenge. Working in such a visually focused industry, their website design needed to reflect the vast nature of their business, but also remain completely usable from a customers […]

Armstrong Learning NI

Access Through Music Identity and Magazine Design Working with the team from Armstrong Learning, Belfast over the past few years, we were engaged to provide the brand identity for a new UK wide initiative entitled “Access Through Music”. Not only […]

Action Renewables Website

We successfully won the contract to design and code the Action Renewables new web portal. Coming up against stiff competition, our ability to implement industry leading graphic design as well as integrating with their existing CMS, put us in an […]

Aircore Brand Identity

The management behind Aircore were one of Kaizen Brand Evolutions very first customers. Understanding our approach to design, we were instructed to create a brand identity that could present an air of authority in an already busy marketplace. Through focus […]

The National – Concept Logo Design

Beannchor are one of Belfast’s’ most prominent hotel and licensed venue hospitality groups. Owning other amazing venues including The Merchant and Yardbird, Belfast, we were delighted to be invited to present our concepts for their latest venture “National”. Blindly pitching […]

Emerald Wood Identity

John J Doyle are one of Belfast’s leading chimney specialists. Looking at their market and the supply chain, they identified a market for Kiln dried wood to prolong the life of the chimneys they sold. Working closely with the marketing […]